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The city break holiday has become ever more popular over the decades, and these days many tourists visit one of the world’s great cities each year, in addition to the traditional summer vacation to a seaside resort. Every metropolis is home to a stunning collection of iconic bridges and landmarks, as well as a number of fascinating buildings. First-time visitors may not be aware, however, that green spaces are also a feature of many urban destinations. Here are five of the very best.

Central Park, New York City

New York may be perhaps the most energetic and fast-paced city in the world, but that doesn’t mean a trip to the Big Apple is all about hustle and bustle. Central Park is located conveniently close to many of the major Manhattan attractions, and as such it offers the perfect opportunity for tourists to escape to a little peace and tranquillity. As well as plenty of wide open spaces, the zoo is also a popular location for both residents and visitors.

Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Thanks in part to its status of European City of Culture in 1990, Glasgow has become a feature on many people’s must-visit lists. Among the many attractions, you can find the idyllic oasis of peace that is Kelvingrove Park. As well as playing host to the famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the 85-acre site is also home to an impressive selection of wildlife.

Fresh Air

Kensington Gardens, London

Thanks to the web, visitors to London can arrange their timetables long before they arrive in the city. They can sort out flights, admission tickets and any car hire services they may need, leaving them time to enjoy this wonderful destination. If you’re on a tight schedule, be sure to set aside a little time to check out Kensington Gardens. One of the many features of the park is the famous statue of Peter Pan. This wonderful location is located in the western part of central London, and is adjacent to the more celebrated Hyde Park.

Viktoriapark, Berlin

The capital of Germany attracts an estimated six million tourists every year, and many of them find they soon become tired after a day or two of sightseeing. It’s at such times that a trip to the Viktoriapark should be on the timetable. An 1821 cast iron military monument is one of the main features, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the park during late summer you can enjoy the Kreuzberger Festliche Tage (Kreuzberger Festive Days), an annual event that attracts large numbers of visitors.

Gorky Park, Moscow

You may have thought Gorky Park was simply the title of a crime novel by Martin Cruz Smith, but there’s more to it than that. Moscow is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with around a hundred parks within its boundaries. Gorky Park is home to a popular funfair, a famous Ferris wheel and various sports facilities. In the winter months when the temperatures drop dramatically, you will see plenty of ice skaters around the park.