A doctor who has exemplary skills comes in handy due to the many diseases that one can contact. Diseases have become prone to humanity from all walks of life. Our hope which diverts fear is the presence of doctors who will swing into action and rectify the situation and eventually bring back the healthy lifestyle that every human desires.

A doctor is supposed to be well versed in the medical field since this is his/her area of specialty. Some doctors are average while others are the top cream of medical procedures. The latter apply ingenuity in the in work and leave the patients happier than they were.

Dr. Daniel Vinograd is such a doctor and is specialized in matters of dental and oral medicine. He is well versed with these areas having had more than 30 years of practice

teeth and gums

He is referred to as the holistic dentist san diego and operates in San Diego area, CA. He is fluent in English and Spanish languages hence have the ability to communicate well with his patients. A statement made by one of his patients, confirms the above where she says that Dr. Vinograd is extremely honest with a patient’s condition and his advice will leave one with a big smile to show for it. He was formerly stationed in gum disease clinic but has now moved his services a few blocks away to the Brighton Gentle Dental clinic. This new site offers a much safer site for his patients and has the state of the art technology which is applied to cater for the patients needs Watch this Video…

 What makes Dr. Vinograd no ordinary doctor and dentist is the fact that he has always encouraged and promoted a healthy lifestyle after being inspired by the natural order. This made him come up with a set of principles that he follows and recommends them to his patients. An example of them is the consumption of less processed and mixed foods while adding cultured foods, protein and juicing vegetables. His new clinic, the Brighton Gentle Dental offers painless procedures and uses biocompatible mercury-free appliances in dental procedures. They offer a variety of services including:

  • Installing Porcelain-over-Metal crowns,
  • Composite Resin Tooth-Colored Fillings,
  • Implant Services,
  • Oral Surgery,
  • Crown Lengthening,
  • Extractions,
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal, just to mention a few.

Since Dr. Vinograd is a holistic dentist, he spends his free time meditating and doing yoga which he advices all his patients to do.