Age Beating Health

Staying young isn’t just about your mental attitude. Check out these five amazing tips for keeping your body looking the age you feel!

Age Beating Health

Drink more water

Water is the best detoxification substance on the planet. The more you drink, the more nasties your body is able to flush. Try cutting down on stimulants (like caffeine) and depressants (like booze), and replacing the fluid intake you get from them with water. You’ll begin to feel more energetic after a couple of days, and you should start to notice your skin clearing up too. Be aware that your skin condition may get worse before it gets better – when you drink water to flush out toxicity, some is ejected through your pores.

Eat more fruit

Most of the “superfoods” on your supermarket shelves are fruit or vegetables. As a general rule, if it’s brightly coloured and naturally grown it will be good for promoting better circulation or suppressing free radicals (one of the biggest contributing factors to some cancers and degenerative disorders). Look for blue and purple foods to boost your anthocyanin intake (the pigment that boosts antioxidant levels in your bloodstream), and get involved with dark green leaves like kale and spinach for a healthy iron boost. Iron is a key component in keeping you energetic and focused.

Cut out the chemicals

Some of the chemical compounds in your beauty products may actually be damaging to the appearance of your skin. Beauty products containing parabens, for example, can be quite harsh on your complexion, drying it out in the short term and eventually promoting the formation of wrinkles. Look for beauty products that are chemical free rather than “fragrance free” – a fragrance free product still contains chemicals, but has had the ones responsible for scent removed from the mix.

Take more exercise

Exercise promotes healthy blood flow, removes excess fat and strengthens your core muscles. For better posture and more energy, try running, swimming or a low impact for m of exercise such as Yoga or Pilates. And remember that working out doesn’t have to be about donning the Spandex and flogging yourself to death in public. Gardening and house work are both excellent ways to keep the circulation up and the heart pumping. People who exercise regularly tend to have better complexion, brighter eyes and more concentration – the latter may help with combating cognitive disorder in later life.

Get more oxygen

Oxygen is a key component in keeping your skin young. When your cells have access to raised levels of oxygen (such as those found in an ozone pool), they are able to repair themselves quicker and begin to function more efficiently. Ozone therapies may also assist with your immune function, and can be recommended for lethargy and skin conditions as well as some degenerative nervous system disorders. Ozone therapy may also aid the body in ejecting toxins that have become embedded in the cells. Be aware that excessive exposure to oxygen may act as a narcotic. It is important to take expert advice before committing to any course of therapy.

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