TQT studies are used in cardiology to determine the lack of a signal in a heart medication. Before a heart medication reaches a TQT study it is assessed to determine how safe it is for people with heart problems to take. TQT studies are meant to detect a significant increase in a medication’s GTc interval.

Assay Sensitivity

A TQT study is used to determine assay sensitivity, which is a clinical trial property that determines if a trial can study an ineffective treatment and somehow make it more affective. Any clinical trial is not valid if it does not include assay sensitivity. TQT studies often involve analysing specific foods to see what their effect is on cardiology patients.

At times during these studies cardiology patients are given high carbohydrate foods for breakfast and then are put on bed rest for four hours and an ECG is performed. The demonstration of assay sensitivity in TQT studies helps when it comes to planning the course of the study. Further studies are needed to determine the effects of foods on cardiology patients. These studies need to be able to determine if a food arm that has been well defined can eventually replace the use of moxifloxacin in TQT studies.

Drug Liability

TQT studies examine new drugs and assess the drug’s arrhythmia liability in heart patients. QT intervals are evaluated using human readers that measure at roughly nine cardiac beats for each clinical time point.

As more and more TQT studies are performed within the pharmaceutical industry it has been noticed that some of the traditional formulas used in these studies can’t always evaluate a new drug’s impact on an autonomic tone.

Heart Rate Correction

TQT studies are helping unusual heart rates become corrected. One published study shows the influence that food has on the heart. It was reported that indigestion stemming from a typical meal during these studies took four hours to appear in the test subjects. In most cases, this reaction happens within two hours after a meal if it is going to happen.


Quintilesare a global company that supports TQT studies. The company is anchored by dedicated scientists and cardiologists. They have a cardiac safety team comprised of professionals who are TQT study experts. The team works hard to help pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities to not only design but conduct TQT studies and analyse them as well. Quintiles team of professionals dedicated themselves to helping products move forward in the development process.

InVentiv Health Clinical

InVentiv Health Clinical is a facility that provides health care centres with TQT studies of the highest quality. The studies are always conducted at the InVentiv facility which boasts four clinical units that are all very distinct.

These clinical units can be combined to make the testing area just the right size. Each TQT study performed here is monitored by the facility’s medical staff. By maintaining close working relationships with medical labs, they can assist in running high quality TQT studies.