In recent years, cupping therapy has grown more popular, especially among celebrities and athletes. You’ve likely seen someone on television who has undergone cupping therapy. It is usually notable by the circular contusions that it creates. They look similar to welts or bruises in the shapes of perfect circles. While they might look painful, they’re not actually harmful.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy supplies are usually obtained from the best natural oils supplier in London. There are two kinds of cupping; there is dry cupping and fire cupping:

  • Dry cupping involves using a cup to create suction on the skin; the suction pulls the skin and the capillaries upwards to create the therapeutic pressure. Dry cupping is usually accomplished by some kind of valve on the top of the cup. The cup is placed on the skin and then a plunger is pulled up to remove the air and create suction.
  • Fire cupping uses a small piece of cotton that is typically dipped in alcohol. The cotton is lit on fire and then the cup is applied. In fire cupping, heated air becomes more active; when the air inside the cup cools down, it contracts to create the suction.


The effectiveness of cupping is somewhat in dispute. Those who are frequent patients of a cupping therapist find that it helps them recover from aches and pains much faster. The basic premise is that the cupping pulls blood and enzymes to the area of the cupping. It pulls out harmful enzymes and brings increased restorative enzymes to the area.