In your womb, thebaby turns and twists and take different positions during the gestation period. Mainly, from 32 weeks of pregnancy, baby’s head is turned down towards the birth canal. When the baby comes in this position, it becomes easy for it to rotate from head-up to head down position which is popularly known as cephalic presentation. As there is enough space in the uterus, the movement can be easy. But, there are situations, when the baby come at the head-down position much later, and often, even just before the labor contractions.

Head down position baby during pregnancy can make your labor shorter and faster as,during delivery, baby’s head comes out first. There are different head down position baby. Read on to know more-

Different Types of Cephalic Presentation

The position of the baby in the uterus is known as presentation. It is your healthcare provider who checks the position of your baby during the last month of pregnancy and assures you about the correct position of your baby. Your baby comes in the accurate position when your body prepares for delivery. Just afew weeks before your delivery, thebaby will drop lower in the uterus. The most common cephalic presentation of thebabyis-

  • Vertex Presentation

This is the most common position of the baby inside your womb. Here, the back of the baby faces your tummy and his face looks towards your spine. This is the ideal position for delivery as the bay is lined up to fit quite easily through your pelvis. Don’t worry if your health caregiver says the head of your baby is a bit turned to a side. This is not a problem.

  • Face Presentation

In case of extended head, the face plays the leading part. Usually, this type of presentation occurs in 1% of pregnant ladies and most commonly it happens for premature babies.

  • Brow Presentation

Here, the head and neck of the baby are a bit extended as if he is looking up. This happens in cases of postmature babies.

These are the common cephalic presentations that can make delivery shorter and easier. But, what to do if your baby is not in the head-down position?

How to get Your Baby in Cephalic Position

Usually, a baby comes into this position around 36 weeks. But, if it doesn’t happen naturally, certain steps are followed to bring the kid into the desired position.

  • Practice a sitting position. You need to tilt your pelvis forward during sitting. Always keep your hips and knees at thesame level. This type of sitting posture will bring your baby to the head-down position easily.
  • Choose a position you are comfortable and scrub the floor. As you are on all your fours, your baby can easily come at thehead-down position and face towards your spine.
  • Try to sleep on your left side, but still, you don’t need to panic about your sleeping position.
  • Always use a cushion while sitting in a car so that knees always come under your hips.

Are you pregnant? Then, there are certain things that will make you knowledgeable and help to face the coming months with ease.