The dangers of cigarettes have been well-documented by scientists for decades. Many people have tried for years and years to quit smoking, but have had very little success. That’s because nicotine is very addictive, and so is the motion of smoking.

Smoking Addiction

The psychology of smoking addiction is actually twofold. People who are addicted to smoking cigarettes are addicted to the nicotine itself, and they are also addicted to the habits around smoking. Some people love the motion of packing the cigarettes; other people really enjoy lighting them. So, since the addiction acts in two different ways, breaking your smoking habit will require you to act in two different ways. You need to address both parts of the addiction.

So, how do you address the nicotine addiction? If you’ve tried to go cold turkey or had someone try to go cold turkey around you, you know how difficult it can be. Nicotine cravings can be very strong. So, the simplest option is to find some other way to get nicotine. You can try nicotine patches, gum, or e-cigarettes. With these nicotine delivery systems, you can tailor the amount of nicotine that you’re ingesting in any given circumstance.

Once you’ve addressed the nicotine addiction, you should look for a stop smoking solution that also addresses the habitual addiction. In that sense, gum and patches just don’t cut it. If you want to more closely mimic the action of smoking, you should look into an e-cigarette. Many high-quality e-cigarettes are available from



Besides the health effects, smoking can have a serious negative effect on your bank account. It can become very expensive very quickly. For example, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, you would be buying seven packs of cigarettes per week or 365 packs per year. With cigarette prices constantly rising, this could cost you more than $3,650 per year.

The price of cigarettes isn’t even the only cost associated with the habit, either. You also need lighters or matches, which can become very expensive as well.


E-cigarettes are devices that use a battery to vaporise a liquid so you can inhale it. Many e-liquids contain nicotine, though some do not. You can also tailor how much nicotine you include in your liquid mixture so that you can taper off of nicotine. Even just a few millilitres of e-liquid can last as long as several packs of cigarettes at barely a fraction of the cost. You will pay a little bit upfront to get your vaporiser, but once you’ve paid the start-up fees, you will very quickly start saving money. Based on normal vaping tendencies, one 30ml bottle of e-liquid should last you as long as three cartons of cigarettes. That’s thirty packs of cigarettes, or one month if you smoke a pack a day. This amount of liquid often costs as little as ten percent the price of that many cigarettes.

E-cigarettes can help you break the health and financial drawbacks that come along with cigarettes.