STD Testing

There has been a misconception that when infected by sexually transmitted diseases, you will notice immediately. However, an individual cannot know that they are infected at the early stages since most of them lack symptoms. When the disease starts showing symptoms, it is usually costly and takes a long time to treat. However, early testing and treatment could have solved the increased problems. STD testing Winter Park has been set up to carry out early testing and treatment to control the spread of STDs. The increased STDs in women can be caused by having unprotected sex, having a history of STIs, having sex with multiple partners, using alcohol and other drugs, and being forced into sexual activities. The following are the benefits of having early STD testing.

Early detection will lead to better treatment.

When people think that they may have sexually transmitted diseases, they are usually frightened. Regardless of uncertainty, most people think they can avoid testing because they are not experiencing any pain. However, one advantage of being tested is that the treatment process will be easier if the STDs are detected early. For instance, in the early stages, chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be treated by administering the medicine, as simple as giving a single dose of antibiotics. Even though the rest of STDs cannot be cured, they can be easily managed when discovered early, reducing the cost and long process.

Help to avoid the infection again

Once the individuals get the sexually transmitted diseases, it is possible to get that infection again. This instance can occur when you received the treatments, but your partner did not get the treatments. The partner can transmit the infection to you for another time. Some STDs such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea may keep occurring again. Therefore, individuals should seek a retest with their partners three months after taking the medication to improve their safety. Besides, pregnant women can reduce the chances of passing the infection to the child while giving birth through testing.

Promotes self-respect and that of the sexual partner

Treatments against STDs are one way of maintaining sexual health. Consequently, when you maintain your sexual health, you enhance respect for yourself and your sexual partner. For instance, when you learn that you have an infection, you should be open to your partner, which helps to boost their well-being. Also, when you get treatments with your sexual partner, you trust each other, and you can make better choices on sexual matters. Therefore, through testing and treatment, you boost your sex life which stimulates mutual respect.

Help to avoid infection from asymptomatic individuals

You don’t have to be tested only at the times when you have symptoms. Essentially, you cannot easily tell if a person has STDs by physically observing them. This instance occurs since the STDs sometimes may not have symptoms. For example, the majority of women having Chlamydia lack the symptoms. Individuals who do not have symptoms can still transmit the infection to other persons. Therefore, testing and treatments will help avoid transmission even if there are no symptoms.

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