Personal Training Packages Guarantee Full Workouts


If you want to get the most from any exercise routine, you need to take advantage of personal training. Not only does a personal trainer keep you motivated, he or she can also show you the right way to exercise. Without this type of reinforcement, you may be performing an exercise the wrong way, which can lead to injury.

Gaining a Workout Advantage

By learning new and effective fitness methods, you can achieve your training goals faster. For example, you can use the services of a personal trainer for slim and shape routines, muscle gain regimens, core exercises, strength and toning, self-defence, and Pilates. PurMotion™ training is yet another personal training programme that you can add to your workout repertoire.


PurMotion™ focuses on working the body as one integrated unit whilst concentrating on ground-based movements. These movements include the following:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Rotation
  • Locomotion
  • Level Change
  • Complexes, which include any mix of two or more of the preceding five movements

A More Natural Way to Exercise

You can train in any direction—sagittal, frontal, or transverse. In addition, loads can be equalised on either side of the body, or they can be concentrated on one side. By following the aforementioned programme, you can learn how to comply with Nature’s Law of Human Movement.

You can also enjoy personal training classes in gym centre environments that focus on strength and toning. This type of fitness programme is conducted over a 25-week period. Each participant begins with twelve repetitions of each exercise whilst getting acclimated to using weights.

Strength and Toning Benefits

The benefits of taking a strength and toning class include the following:

  • Better body symmetry
  • An increase in muscle mass
  • Reduced body fat
  • A toned, lean physique
  • A stronger body

This particular fitness programme is ideal for women who wish to realise an improved level of fitness.

Self-defence and MMA

Both women and men also enjoy participating in self-defence fitness routines – routines that include kickboxing and mixed martial arts, or MMA. This programme develops a participant’s level of confidence and self-discipline. In turn, participants master fundamental techniques, which prepares them for real world situations that require self-defence.

By taking advantage of this type of personal training package, you will realise several benefits. Not only will you learn how to protect yourself, you will also experience enhanced flexibility and strength. Participants also improve their aerobic capacity. If you want to take part in a fun exercise routine that enables you to progress, this is the fitness package to pick.

Maybe you wish to pursue an exercise routine that focuses on staying shapely and thin. If so, concentrate on a programme such as a slim ‘n shape diet plan and exercise regimen. Participants who stick with this type of plan see notable results over a three-month period.