By now, the abdominoplasty procedure or tummy tuck procedure, has become a very popular procedure. The statistic has shown that this procedure is one of the top five that has been performed on both men and women in 2019.

Besides popularity, many people don’t know what to expect after the surgery. It is important to be informed, to understand the recovery process, and the time that you will need for it. You will know how to plan your time and make your recovery process easier.

On what can recovery depend?

There is no exact time when it comes to recovery, as every person is different. There is an approximate time, but it depends on these factors:

  • General health
  • Age
  • Type of tummy tuck
  • Post-surgery care

Maybe a mini tummy tuck is enough for you

After the procedure, your surgeon will have better insight into your situation and he will evaluate how long your recovery may last. Usually, people begin feeling good around eight-week after surgery.

Recovery expectations

You should find an experienced and qualified doctor who will do your surgery and who will follow your recovery. These surgeries are done in specialized clinics, such as and after the procedure, your doctor will explain in detail how recovery looks like. 

  • Right after procedure

will see that your abdomen is covered with surgical dressing. Because cuts are large, small tubes will be placed to drain excess fluid. This is regular and it does not cause discomfort. For the first few days, you will need to lie down with your upper body slightly elevated and to move a little to prevent blood clots.

  • At home

one or two days after the surgery, you will need help. You will get pain medications, and you will have to move slowly, so you will not be able to drive home. For the first few weeks, you will have to be very careful and you will need to rest. Some movements will be forbidden or limited, such as lifting, standing for a longer period and bending.

  • Everyday care

the doctor will advise you on how to take care of your incisions and drainage tubes. You will get anticoagulants and antibiotics, and support garment will help with swelling and discomfort.

Tummy tuck type matters

Some people who have more excess skin, fat tissue, and separated abdominal muscles will have complete tummy tuck procedure, while those who have some excess skin and fat tissue on the lover part of the abdomen will undergo a mini tummy tuck.

Your doctor will explain what you can expect after the procedure

The more massive your procedure is, the more time you will need to recover. Some tummy tuck procedures may involve additional procedures, such as the best gynecomastia surgery at Breast & Body Clinic, or liposuction of the flanks and lower back. 

Final word

An abdominoplasty procedure is a great way to achieve your goals, just remember that with the recovery you will need patience and you should do everything you can to recover fully from the surgery.