working women

Today, women have established themselves in their careers that they have left home and kitchen duties. Today’s working woman must take good care of their health and body. In many instances, working women find difficulties to follow a proper workout plan daily. This should not be something to worry about. Here are the 10 best fitness tips for working women.

working women

Good breakfast

For a working woman to stay fit, they have to take an effective diet to help in their workouts in the morning. Have fruits in varieties containing glucose. This helps to stop your sweet cravings. Add some dry fruits to give energy during the day.

Be active the whole day

A great tip to stay fit for a working class lady involve being active. This includes walking around your job station. Stand up during meeting presentations or working. During the lunch break, take some walks to the hotel rather than a taxi. Make sure to be active every 30 minutes before coming back to your desk. Make your mind be accustomed to this.

Workout with your friend

Some women working out need some encouragement during the exercise. Make sure that you have someone to workout with. A close buddy like a fiancée will help one accomplish this. Having someone around you helps in achieving set goals and have the motivation. Working out with another person is cool.

Stretch more

A working woman might not have the time to go to a gym. However, a simple exercise like stretching helps to stay fit. Stretching helps to warm muscles before any exercise starts. Stretching and warming up your muscles help to prevent injury.

Take water

Our bodies need 8 glasses of water daily. For a working woman, this should be the case as it keeps your body fit. Since you are busy in the office running errands like meetings and seeing off deadlines, it is easy to forget about hydration. In the office, your body loses moisture and when you go out to exercise, one becomes hydrated which can lead to serious setbacks and side effects.


A working woman can do all the other duties to keep fit. However, if they are sad, they become unfit. Be happy always. Make sure to laugh your soul out. Being happy make the body release good hormones that kill stress hormones.

Reduce refined carb use

In the office, women like to go for quick foods with refined carbohydrates. Avoid foods like chocolates, cookies and honey. This increases blood sugar that increases body fat.

Mind your sitting position

Many working women spend the entire day sitting glued to the computer. Your monitor should be at the same level with your eyes to minimize stretching, bending or tilting. The sitting posture ensures reduced body aches.

Do away with weight loss

The biggest mistake for a working woman involve losing weight. With this, they end up gaining pounds. To stay fit, consider maintaining good health style by eating right and doing recommended exercises.

Good exercise plan

A good exercise plan helps a working woman to stay fit. Choose a plan convenient with your working time. Incorporate strength training twice a week to tone your body.