3 Effective Methods For Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking

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The health risks of smoking are common knowledge now. One of the leading causes of death in the world, and still a massive global industry, tobacco has a lot to answer for. If you’re trying to quit or considering it, then you’ll have some idea of how serious this addiction is. Here are some of the best methods for quitting smoking for good. Stay strong!

One hugely effective way of quitting is by looking at the financial incentives. This is something almost every smoker can try. Let’s make up an example case. In the UK, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs around £8.50. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, as a lot of nicotine addicts are, then this will cost you a whopping £3,102 every year. Of course, for every cigarette you smoke over that, the cost only gets higher. You can do the maths yourself. Think of all the other, healthier things you could have spent that money on! Having more money won’t kill the cravings straight away. When you start to quit though, try keeping a record of how much you’re saving. Check it every week, and spend what you’ve saved on something nice for yourself.

Quitting Smoking


It may surprise you, but going cold turkey can be an extremely effective way of kicking your habit. By this, I don’t mean throwing out your smokes today, never to touch them again. Set a date for quitting, and do a week’s preparation. Try to cut down as much as you can in that time. This will give you a better idea of how to deal with your cravings. You should also look for ways to de-stress other than smoking. Music, meditation and walks have all been known as good alternatives. If you can, take a few days off from anything stressful which could send you into a relapse. I won’t lie to you by saying going cold turkey is a breeze. When those cravings hit, just occupy yourself and remind yourself why you’re quitting.

Quitting Smoking


Another method, which is becoming increasingly popular, is switching to e-cigs. These aren’t exactly good for you. However, the known adverse health effects are miniscule when you compare them to regular smoking. These take care of your cravings, and can give the feel of real smoking. You also have the option of reducing your nicotine intake milligram by milligram. If you’re looking for recommendations, then Joyetech has some great models. Aside from that, Xtc e liquid is a good, trustworthy brand. While e-cigs all work in the same way, e-juices can be a risky purchase. Some brands include e-numbers and other harmful additives. They’re not for everyone, but using an e-cig to wean yourself off can be a great way to go.

Quitting smoking may be one of the hardest things you’ll do in your life. It will be a confusing period, full of erratic emotions and crises of self-control. However, with the right method and enough discipline, you’ll make it through. You might feel horrible now, but the success of quitting will make it all worth it!