Our Vita Spa Hot Tub

hot tub

I have recently bought a hot tub for our garden and thought I’d share the experience with others to help them choose a reliable company to deal with. After doing a lot of looking on the internet and reading lots of reviews, then I decided to use an American company called Vita Spa.

They seemed to have a really good reputation and one good thing is that they have been in business since 1974 which is good news. I wanted to choose a manufacturer who had the interests of the environment high up on their list of priorities and Vita Spa seemed to do this. They use a very effective type of insulation on all their hot tubs and spas, which is also used in the construction industry in America. It is manufactured from recycled fabric such as jeans and is very thick and efficient at retaining heat.

hot tub

They also use a H.E.E.T pump or High Efficiency Energy Transfer pump on all their models which in effect gives you free heat to cut down on running costs. I ended up choosing the “Duet” model which is a tub designed for just two people as I don’t think we would be happy sharing it with other people. It is nice and compact so doesn’t take up too much room in the garden, where it sits well in the corner where it isn’t overlooked by our neighbours. It gets used on a regular basis and it’s great to relax in after a busy day at work. It appears to be well constructed and built to a very high standard and the cabinet that it sits in looks stylish and well made. The cover keeps any dirt and leaves out of it and seems to a good job of retaining the heat. I think it’s an item that’s going to get a lot of use over the years.