Understand Body Temperature Detection System


We can all agree that body temperature is a meaningful way to measure our body’s ability to reduce the extensive heat. Our bodies are perfect machines that feature mechanisms that are keeping the body temperature within the safe range. 

This particular process includes the inner mechanisms that are entirely created to help us deal with outside temperatures. Therefore, when outside is too hot, the blood vessels in the skin widen so that you can start to sweat, which will help you cool yourself

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On the other hand, when you are too cold, the vessels will narrow, which will reduce the blood flow so that you can preserve the body heat along the way. 

Even though you may start to shiver due to the process, that is the essential part of preserving heat, because muscles are trembling with an idea to use energy to make heat.

The best way to determine your current health is the measure the temperature in different areas on your body. The most common ones are the rectum, armpit, ear, and mouth, but you can also do it on your forehead, which is an important consideration you should make.

The devices that can determine temperature are thermometers, and they are representing it in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. In the US, temperatures are mostly measures in Fahrenheit, while other countries consider Celsius as standard.

Understand Regular Body Temperature

Generally, people tend to think that the average temperature is 37 degrees C or 98.6 degrees F. Keep in mind that this is average. Still, generally, the normal temperature can be both below and above this particular parameter.

At the same time, regular body heat tends to change approximately one degree F depending on the time of the day. Remember that it depends on hormone levels, which means that during the menstrual period or ovulation, the heat can increase or reduce depending on the situation.

It is essential to understand that both ear and rectal temperature tends to get higher than an oral one, while the armpit measurement is generally lower than the oral one. Keep in mind that the most accurate solution is through rectal measuring, which is something you need to remember.

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Things to Know About Fever

The first thing you should remember is that fever for ear or rectal measuring is approximately 101 degrees F, while for an oral and rectal measuring is 100.4 degrees F. It is important to remember that fever can happen as a reaction to:


  • Infection – When your body reaches an infection due to a foreign body inside, such as viruses or bacteria, the heat will rise to the point of fever with an idea to fight against the perpetrator. 
  • Medicines –We are talking about drug fever that could happen due to a wide array of drugs that we consume, including antihistamines, opioids, antibiotics, and many more. Remember that antibiotics can directly raise the temperature, while other drugs will be unable the body from restarting the heat, which is the main indication of this particular problem.
  • Severe Medical Condition – We are talking about stroke, heart attack, as well as chronic medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, arthritis, lung cancer, and leukemia, among others.


Low Body Temperature

Compared to fever, low body heat is not something that you should consider as a bad thing per se. In case this particular condition happens with other issues, including breathing problems, shaking, chills, and confusion, that are indications that you have something serious.

Generally, the low temperature tends to happen during the cold winter day. Still, it can also happen due to drug and alcohol abuse, entering the shock as well as other disorders, including low thyroid level and diabetes.

This particular problem can happen due to an infection, and it is a common situation that happens to older adults, newborns, and frail ones. Of course, some infections such as sepsis can lead to severe low body heat that could cause fatality and other issues as well.

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This particular problem happens when your body cannot handle the high temperature, which can be problematic, and you need to do something about it. Remember that the symptoms, including numerous mental changes, include delirium, confusion, and even loss of consciousness.

At the same time, the skin can change its color and become reddish, dry, and hot, which is a crucial indication you need to remember.

Since this particular problem can lead to fatality, you need to go to the nearest hospital and ER for treatment because it can lead to dehydration, which will ultimately affect your organs and mental functions.

We can differentiate two types of heatstroke:

  • Classic – When it comes to general heatstroke, it can happen even if you do not do anything in particular. The main idea is that your body is too hot, and the mechanisms that should regulate the temperature are not working correctly. Since sweating is the way to cool off the body, you may even stop sweating, which is a clear indication that you need to do something about it. Remember that this particular problem can happen in the course of a few days, and it tends to affect both older adults and infants. Of course, people with chronic conditions are also prone to this particular problem, which is something you should consider.

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  • Exceptional– This particular problem tends to happen due to external factors such as exercising in a hot area or working without proper hydration. Even though you may sweat a lot like a process of cooling down your body, the process will deplete your organisms from the water, which leads to dehydration and problems that come with it. Therefore, the body temperature can spike, which can lead to fatality.


As you can see from everything we have mentioned above, our body temperature tends to go up and down, depending on both internal and external circumstances. 

That is the main reason why you should have a proper device that will allow you to measure it as soon as you notice any change.