Muscle building supplements that are female friendly aren’t always easy to come by. The ones on the market are often confusing, given all the masculine raw power in their descriptions and pictures. What’s a woman supposed to do to supercharge muscle gains and get rid of the fat? The biggest worry is, of course, supplementing with products that enhance the release of masculine-specific hormones. No woman would want more testosterone. Therefore, let’s select the more suitable supplements for the ladies.

Whey Protein Powder

Protein is universal; it needs to be in anyone’s diet, regardless of its source. Thus, women should have no fear in indulging on protein powders of the same kind that men take. Whey protein, which powers some of the best products in the fitness industry, is super efficient and has no unwanted side effects.

Casein protein, although considered as more ‘special’ through its slow release and absorption, is recommended as well, since it’s a good muscle fuel for many hours after ingestion.


Creatine is not gender specific. It is a compound resembling amino acids, naturally occurring in the muscular tissue of men and women. It powers up your exercises, as it increases energy on the spot, right as you train with greater intensity. Creatine is for those much needed short bursts of power.  In addition, creatine draws water to the muscle cells, making them bigger and promoting growth. The top creatine supplements Australia stores sell products that are appreciated for the endurance they promote.


Branched-chain amino acids have a unique structure and very important properties. Anyone on BCAAs can increase the length of their workouts and diminish post-training muscle fatigue. Also, these amino acids have an active role in building muscle mass. They do have an effect on hormones too, but mostly on the secretion of human growth hormone or HGH.


This is a non-essential amino acid. When combined with histidine, it gets to reduce the fat, boost strength and endurance level. While the latter compound is produced by the body, beta-alanine is not. Supplementing increases the levels of both.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Everyone benefits of these, not just fitness enthusiasts or bodybuilders. They work in counter-intuitive ways. Although we’re talking about fats, these actually trigger reaction within the body that support fat burning. Thus, they’re great for weight loss and for cutting. It’s the healthy way to lose what you don’t need and preserve the muscle mass while you’re at it. The metabolism boosting effect carries on even when you are sleeping.

Energizing Supplements

Caffeine and green tea extract have the same benefits, whether you’re a man or a woman. These will power up your workouts without affecting other mechanisms, like the hormonal ones. These stimulants improve one’s focus as well and speed up fat burning through helping dislocate more fat cells and speeding up the metabolic rate. Their effects combined are even better.

As it can be seen, most top products for fitness and muscle building are in no way harmful to women. Unless a supplement label or documentation states clearly that it influences hormone levels (testosterone especially), it can be taken by anyone, in appropriate quantities of course. Women should always watch the quantities ingested, in rapport with their own current parameters.