Why Use The Best Toothpaste For Brushing?

Dental care
Dental care

Dental care is crucial for the overall health of every individual. Teeth cannot be ignored or neglected because they are needed for chewing food. Also, any damage in the teeth gives rise to intense pain that people don’t want to experience. It is said that brushing teeth with toothpaste supposedly helps in fighting plaque bacteria because it cleans them. However, brushing with and without toothpaste often gives the same result. It is all dependent on the ingredients found in the particular toothpaste. Some of them contain abrasives that can remove superficial staining and keep the mouth clean and fresh with their flavors.

Dental care

Certain toothpastes also have additives that can hinder the growth of bacteria in the mouth chemically. A majority of dentists will say that the best toothpaste is one that comprises of fluoride as its primary ingredient. According to them, there is no point of the toothpaste if it doesn’t contain this particular ingredient in its formulation. While it is known for preventing tooth decay and cavities and also inhibits growth of bacteria, fluoride is, in essence, a toxin. It can increase the risk of cancer and the aging process and is an enzyme in-activator that can lead to a myriad of health problems.

Excessive exposure to fluoride can have serious health consequences, especially for children. Heavy marketing campaigns have done nothing, but mislead people making them believe that fluoride is critical to their good health. Toothpaste is part of a billion dollar plus industry and is the most sold item all over the world. Therefore, savvy marketers have simply taken advantage of its need and exploited people. People need to use a safe and healthy toothpaste that meets their dental health needs without leading to any risks. A number of people simply buy the most expensive toothpaste available and consider their work done.

However, for finding the best toothpaste, one first needs to figure out the kind of toothpaste that they need for their teeth. Personal preferences like whitening, flavor and tartar control are some of the factors that can have an impact on every individual’s choice. Toothpaste without heavy abrasives is needed for those people who have sensitive teeth and gums. They need a desensitizing paste that contains potassium nitrate or strontium chloride. Some toothpastes are especially useful in getting rid of tartar, as long as they include the ingredient called pyrophosphates as they can reduce the formation of tartar.

In comparison to traditional toothpaste ingredients, baking soda is a natural ingredient that’s less abrasive and can be very useful in reducing sensitivity amongst people. Whitening toothpastes can also be found that have bleaching agents for eliminating the discoloration of teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is the primary ingredient of such toothpastes. Apart from that fluoride and Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) containing toothpastes can also be found in the market. Nevertheless, when people wish to use toothpaste for not only cleaning their teeth, but for ensuring oral health in the long run, natural or organic pastes are the best toothpaste for them.