Healthy teeth and gums affect a person’s overall health. The same is true of dentures, if they fit properly and are maintained regularly. Dentures that are loose are not only painful or uncomfortable, they can also lead to tissue damage, ulcers, or gum damage. Ill fitting partial dentures can negatively impact the remaining natural teeth, also causing more serious problems.

Common Concerns

In addition to loose-fitting dentures, denture wearers sometimes experience speech problems and are often concerned with their appearance. Both problems can be caused by the position of the dentures. Some denture services use wax to make a mould of the patient’s mouth and continue to make adjustments until the patient is satisfied.

Dentures can affect the appearance of a person’s face and even proper support of the lips and chin. Recommended denture services in Pinner can create dentures that look natural and feel comfortable, making the patient look younger, eat well, and feel better.


Dentures should be checked by a denture service every year and realigned every three to five years as the patient’s face and mouth change. Denture services also repair damaged dentures, strengthen dentures, and remove stains.

Partial Dentures

There are three basic types of partial dentures, each with advantages and disadvantages.

  • Acrylic
  • Chrome
  • Valplast flexible

The most common type of partial dentures is acrylic. It is the least expensive of the three types and is easy to repair. On the other hand, it does not provide much support for the remaining natural teeth and can loosen in just a short time.

Partial dentures made of chrome are strong and help to prevent bone shrinkage, but they can be expensive and have visible metal clasps.

Valplast flexible partial dentures are thin and lightweight with no clasps. They are also comfortable and strong, making them fairly popular. They can be expensive, however, and they are difficult to repair.

An experienced denture service with an excellent reputation can offer expert advice to help patients choose the best possible dentures for their specific needs.