Stress Headache

Some lifestyles are more likely to create stress than others. An airline pilot attempting to land a Boeing 747 in high winds will probably experience more stress than a hotel cleaner, although of course, some hotel guests can be pretty darn demanding. There are many stress triggers, and signs of stress vary from person to person. In a crisis, no matter how big or small, some people will fall to pieces, whereas others will stay cool as a cucumber. Internal signs of stress can also vary, and while a brief stressful situation can cause elevated blood pressure, an ongoing stressful situation can often result in a stress headache. So what are some of the ways to deal with a stress headache?

Getting Away from Stress

Remove yourself from the stressful situation, wherever possible. Ongoing stress headaches are a clear indicator that you’re having trouble coping with some aspect of your life, and as such, you need to take steps to counter this. Some things that cause stress, such as the exam period for college students, are temporary; and other things, such as a stressful job, can be permanent. It’s not so easy to remove yourself from a job that can cause ongoing stress, but there are a number of coping mechanisms that can be utilized.

Coffee Can Help

When a person who regularly ingests a large amount of caffeine as a part of their diet suddenly goes cold turkey, a particularly bad headache can often follow, as the person basically goes through caffeine withdrawal. While it’s essentially anecdotal evidence, many people who suffer from stress headaches find that a small amount of a stimulant such as caffeine actually perks up their mind and body in a way that relieves the symptoms of a stress headache. So perhaps the next time you feel a stress headache coming on, it’s time to excuse yourself and take a coffee break.

Over The Counter

Naturally, the symptoms, if not the cause of a stress headache can be alleviated with an over the counter painkiller. It’s important to view these treatments as a temporary measure, since if the headache is a symptom of some stress inducing aspect of your life, then the headache is likely to keep returning unless you take steps to cut the source of stress off at its root. If a simple aspirin is insufficient for your purposes, you might want to look at other options, such as Migralex, which was developed to combat tough headaches.

And Remember

Sometimes a stress headache can also be an indicator of depression or anxiety, although if you’re affected by these conditions, there will be an array of symptoms, of which a stress headache is one of them. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached to depression or anxiety, so if you feel that you might be a sufferer, then you can always have a discreet discussion with your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional.

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