Successful Medical Education Requires Careful Preparation and Balance


    It seems to be true all over the world: if you plan to apply for admittance to a quality medical school programme, you should make sure that your school performance prior to application is as good as it can be. Most medical schools for which there is competition during the application process will have detailed requirements for areas of study and for grades or performance ratings.

    For example, if you want to attend a university-level medical programme, you should first be prepared for a five-year programme to be completed with a pre-clinical phase and a clinical phase. The first phase of two years will focus on subjects such as pathology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, medical parasitology, and so on. The goal in this phase is to establish a sturdy medical science foundation.

    Clinical Phase

    When you’re looking for information on universities that offer a medical course in Malaysia, you’ll see that after two years you move on to the clinical phase. Your programme will be scheduled in four blocks or sections, taking you from junior clerkship through two specialty levels to senior clerkship. As with all high-quality training programmes, it’s also important to perform well in communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and management.

    To perform well in this stringent atmosphere, it’s essential to be well prepared at the undergraduate level. For example, applicants must perform well in biology, physics, mathematics, and chemistry as well as a number of other subjects. You can learn more about specific requirements when you visit the website of one of the leading providers of quality medical education.

    It’s important to understand that schools consider such aspects of the undergraduate experience as the type of courses taken, the difficulty of those courses, grade-point average (GPA), special projects undertaken as part of the academic programme, and so on. Schools to which you apply will also look at such guidelines as your GPA in science courses as well as GPA in non-science. Programmes from specific universities are often accepted as important factors in your application as well. You might want to talk with a representative about the specific programmes that can be of prime importance.

    To Practice

    Completion of a housemanship programme is required if you plan to practice as a medical doctor. This programme, organised by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, is conducted in a public hospital, after which individuals participate in post-graduate specialty programmes. Courses of study to prepare you for this level focus on making each individual the best person possible, enabling each individual to perform to the best of his or her ability.

    As you consult with advisers and representatives of the medical programme, be sure to discuss the exciting method known as Professional and Continuing Education (PACE). This focus allows working adults to improve qualification levels as it accommodates work schedules, helping you achieve a balance between work and life.