Rear view of a young man holding her neck in pain, isolated on white background, monochrome photo with red as a symbol for the hardening

Among the many lifestyle disorders that have bogged down mankind till date is the neck pain. As we are active down the day, our neck is highly stressed out. Even if we are sitting on a desk job, our neck remains active, thereby causing an accumulation of immense stress. It is not easy for individuals to deal with it on a daily basis.

Why neck pain is so rampant

We are nowadays all addicted to our smartphones. It causes us to look down near our chest for long times. This stresses out the back muscles in the neck. Also, we have our computers that are so placed that we have to keep looking straight towards the screen, again for longer durations of time. Not only this creates the problem; we also so much engrossed in our work that we tend to ignore the pain that starts to develop in the neck soon after.

Even at home, we are glue to the TV or computer monitor for long time. We hardly move our neck around and rather keep it stationary in one position. This perhaps stresses out the muscles and most importantly the nerves over the long time. The mobility of the neck can be obtained back with exercising but we hardly have time for that.

Symptoms of neck pain

Mostly, we tend to ignore such trivial pains but with time it keeps on aggravating. Hence, there comes a time when we have to pay the due attention to it. Here are certain symptoms that you must keep a check of so as to know when you should approach your doctor:-

  • Constant ache at the back of the neck.
  • Getting the neck locked up so that you cannot move in a particular direction for hours.
  • Feeling stressed and worn out at the neck so that it is difficult to turn around.
  • Feeling unnecessarily drowsy at times with mild headache, as the neck obstructs proper blood flow.

What to do if these symptoms are there

Once you feel the neck pain is increasing, it is best to consult a clinic for treatment for neck pain. The treatment generally includes two distinct parts- the medicines and the exercises. Clearly, the medicines are painkillers in nature and can only offer relief over short term. There are a few of them that help in soothing out the nerves passing through the neck that are stressed out too.

However, a more sustainable solution is of course to exercise. But one has to note that the exercises in treatment for neck pain offered during pain are not the same at other times. So, the common ones done by sportspersons may not suit an individual suffering from neck pain. It is best to go for expert help before beginning the exercises.

Another extreme step is neck surgery- it is costly and does not offer full cure. So it is prescribed in those extreme cases where there is no hope of cure in other ways are remaining!