Weight loss has become a big topic all over the world. Everyone looks for ways of getting leaner and shedding off some weight. The media is constantly flashing models with leaner bodies and flat tummies and their audiences strive to look like them. Every day, new diet plans crop up from all corners of the world promising to get you into shape in the fastest way possible. Some of the diets work only to fail when you get back to your normal eating schedule while others don’t work at all. Today we look at the Special K diet and how it works.

The Special K diet is a program that promotes quick weight loss by focusing on eating controlled portions of food while snacking and having two main meals. It however doesn’t really focus on the portions and quantities of the third meal and therefore this diet plan is considered a quick fix to those who want to lose weight rapidly.

One is required to sign up for a free plan online. They are then requested for personal information like age, sexual orientation and their current weight and height. The site also asks you to choose the type of meal plan you want to follow during your weight loss program.

The Special K diet comprises of 3 types of food plans designed to cater for everyone`s needs.

The quick and easy plan.

This plan is designed to aid those with busy schedules. Those who are always working and don’t have enough time to prepare proper meals.

The Loads of Variety Plan

This plan is targeted at those who love to try out new things. It comes with a wide array of foods to choose from satisfying whatever craving one might have.

The Vegetarian Plan

This plan allows for lots of fresh flavors and healthy ingredients but doesn’t include meat. It is specifically designed for the vegetarians and only includes foods that they can eat.

Those who take up this diet are required to track their progress throughout the diet plan. Depending on the meal plan one chooses, the site will then set up a meal plan for you. Cereals and cereal bars are also featured as part of the meal plans but are not the only foods that appear on this plan as was the case initially. You can swap your meal for a different one if you don’t feel like having it on that day.

Badges are awarded for every milestone achieved and the site is full of tips to help keep one on check while on the diet plan. You can also check your BMI on the site and you are free to invite friends to join you on your journey to losing weight. The site also allows you to log your progress on social media and share your achievements with your friends.

While the progress of your weight loss program is determined by how disciplined you are at sticking to the plan, it is always important to ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients required by your body while following a diet plan. Depriving your body of essential nutrients can lead to complication later on in life.

Special K is one of the famous drugs these days. It is categorized as dissociative anesthetic. It is used in different ways. It can be used both in liquid and powdered forms as an anesthetic. It can also be injected. Some abusers consume it along with drinks while others smoke it through cigarettes or joints. It was placed on the list of controlled substances in the United States in 1999 due to its abuse by numerous people.

It has both short and long term effects depending upon how frequently one uses it and how much one consumes it. The effects may include increased blood pressure and heart rate, frequent vomiting, depression, nausea, amnesia, hallucination, numbness and respiratory problems. One may also get addicted to it and thus get psychologically dependent on it after abusing it for a long time. When taken in a huge amount, the user will experience a condition normally referred to as entering the Special K hole, which is an out of the body experience.

It creates a state in which the user finds it difficult to move around and focus on something properly. Due to this reason, it has also been used as a date-rape drug for many years. It is highly suggested that it should not be taken without any prescription provided by a licensed doctor. This drug is commonly used as an anesthetic by surgeons while performing different surgeries so that the patients do not feel any pain during the operation.

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