If you’re reading this then it’s safe to say that you have defined your own fitness expectations for yourself. Whether it’s to live a healthier life or to get a body that will turn heads at the beach, you will want to know how the best rowing machine in the market, from Concept, can help you get there.

What You Get At A Glance

The manufacturer behind the Concept rowing machine has been known to constantly produce fitness machines that are reliable, durable and guarantees results. It also manages to attract a loyal customer base thanks to the fact that it is very affordable and does not require anyone to spend their life savings to acquire one.

Right from the get go, you will notice that this rowing machine sets itself apart from other machines by being very well-constructed and being made out of very high quality material. It will definitely last you for many years to come regardless of how often you put it to use during your workouts. Made out of a very tough polycarbonate shell, you will need a lot of effort to actually break it.

Resistance Like No Other

Most highly rated rowing machines use the conventional water tank resistance system where as the name implies, allows users to feel resistance in their workouts to help them break a sweat. This method has also proven to be very effective and popular among users and you will be pleased to know that this rowing machine is certainly no exception even if it doesn’t have a water based resistance system

If you must know, the machine gets by using an electromagnetic resistance system that is able to provide between 25 to 500 watts. The machine is of course built with enough high quality materials and precision that it is able to provide users with a very smooth work out experience. When you start rowing on it, you will notice immediately how everything feels like you are rowing on an actual body of water!

The Rest That You Must Know

You should already realize by now that the rowing machines from Concept are certainly not your average rowing machine considering its quality and how well it delivers in terms of meeting user expectations. Additionally, this rowing machine comes with its own computer monitor display that shows you all the information you need when you row, such as the distance, time you have spent rowing and strokes per minute.

This rowing machine is also made for comfort and comes with all manner of padding that helps to guarantee the user’s workout experience to be smooth, comfortable and pain-free.