Pilates is popular the world over and not without good reason as it can help people to lead happier and healthier lives in so many ways. It has something to offer people of all ages and all physical abilities, so whether you’ve been active all your life or you’ve only recently realised that you need to do something about your physical condition, then Pilates is for you!

The Benefits of Pilates

As the aim of Pilates is to strengthen the body in an even and measured way, particularly the core which is a problem area for many people, it has many benefits to offer, making Pilates in Inglewood very popular among people of both genders and all ages. The exercises are performed on a mat on the floor, so you can easily do most exercises on your own at home when you know how, and while there is some equipment involved it’s minimal and not a requirement for all Pilates exercises.

With regard to the many notable health and wellbeing benefits that has made Pilates so popular, these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Improves posture – This is a notable benefit of Pilates, one that has seen so many people across the globe flock to Pilates centres in increasing numbers. As Pilates focuses on the core, which for many people is a problem area and one that needs to be strengthened, it helps people to enjoy better posture, especially when they focus on their shoulders as well as their core region.
  • Enhances muscle tone – While Pilates won’t help you to tone your muscles on the same scale that working out with weights will, it does, however, have many notable benefits for people who want to get more toned. As Pilates emphasises even strengthening, it’s perfect for people who want to get in shape but maybe put off by the thought of working out in the gym.
  • Improves joint flexibility – By focusing on stretching and using both resistance and support exercises, Pilates is excellent for improving joint flexibility. Many older people use Pilates to help them move more freely with great success.
  • Relieves stress and tension – Most people notice a significant difference in stress and tension levels after a Pilates session as it focuses on stretching and breathing. Exercise is one of the best natural methods that you can use to reduce and relieve stress and tension.
  • Lose weight and burn fat – Because Pilates is a muscle-strengthening exercise it can help people to maintain a healthy weight level by burning fat which helps them to lose overall body weight. It should be noted that doing Pilates alone will not help you to lose weight or burn fat, as this will only occur when combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

There are many benefits to Pilates as outlined above, with the most notable benefits relating to improved strength, posture, flexibility and muscle tone, along with reduced stress and tension levels. If you’re looking for a great way to get in shape and feel great, the Pilates is for you.