There are many forms of “dancercises” introduced to us in recent years. With the widespread of YouTube and social media, have made many dance routines go viral and people have come to love them. But at the core of this hype about dances and upbeat exercises is Pilates – a lifestyle technique that have transformed the idea of health and wellness for many individuals.

Some Benefits Of Doing Pilates May Include:

  1. Increased Agility
  2. Healthy Weight Gain/Loss
  3. Lighter Breathing
  4. Improved Flexibility
  5. Good Heart Rhythms
  6. Excellent Muscle Tone
  7. Clearer Mind

You can read more about these benefits in detail by clicking on the link.

And many more. Although Pilates has branched out into several subcategories, still, nothing beats the original. The alterations and modifications of some aspects of Pilates gave way to the birth of many other dancercises. Most of these changes are pioneered by professionals who once trained in the art of Pilates and later on established schools of their own.

If you are someone who appreciates the role of kinesthetic exercises to a person’s health and well-being, you might want to consider becoming a Pilates’ professional yourself! And mind you, the perks are quite tempting. Here’s what you can get when you venture into Pilates career opportunities:


If you’re going to hit the gym sooner or later anyway, why not just try becoming a Pilates’ instructor? You get to burn the calories off, which is your primary intention, and you can earn good cash on the side – a secondary benefit.

Your body is the exercise tool you will ever need. Instead of lifting weights, why not lift your entire torso? That’s definitely more challenging. Or, instead of running on treadmills, why not lay a mat out and start a Pilates’ cardio routine complete with warm-up stretches? When you get the hang of all these things, you can then start teaching others – and get a good amount of cash in return.


Making Pilates your profession also open up more opportunities for you to focus more on your health – not just physically. To be completely in-tune with your body, mere exercise is not enough. You also need to be mindful of your diet, your mental and emotional state, as well as your spirituality (see: All these things make up the person you are and Pilates is one way of opening your doors to them.


Since you’re already teaching Pilates, why not take a crash course on becoming a diet guru? Or even better – a nutritionist. There are many other professions you can practice with Pilates. Go back to school, get a certification, or enroll in a vocational course. Becoming a Pilates professional opens up opportunities that you may never have imagined yourself going into – not even in your wildest dreams.

If you want to get started pronto, you can begin by reading this beginner’s guide for becoming a Pilates’ professional. Well, all the best on your new career path. And remember – nothing ventured, nothing gained!