Are you fascinated by nail art? Does the latest colour craze make you long to try out some of the techniques you see in the glossy magazines? If you have an eye for colour and know what styles suit which kind of nails, you’d probably feel like you’d died and gone to heaven working as a nail technician.

Knowing Your Colors

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Fashions come and go, and nail fashions are no different. But regardless of fashion trends, some basic knowledge of how colours work is helpful. For instance, Elle magazine advises that very dark pigments on very short nails can make hands look ‘unladylike’. They advise saving the deeper hues for nails that extend at least beyond the fingertip, that are filed to a rounded shape at the tip. This nail shape helps to lengthen fingers and give the hands a more elegant appearance.

Fashion Trends

Blue Uni Nail Polish Color

Nail polish has never been used more creatively than in recent years. From black on white half moons, with the latest look being to paint in less-than-perfect half moons, to single black stripes on muted base colours, the abstract look is relatively simple to create but extremely effective and fun.

Textures are trending right now, with everything from caviar to leather and velvet effects. A simple glittery effect is to literally dip wet nails into glitter. Allow the polish to dry and this will cement the glitter in place. A top coat of clear varnish is probably recommended otherwise the glitter will tend to snag and pull off. With so many lovely glitter shades cheaply available, it’s a cool party idea for the festive season.

Nail Extensions

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Not everyone is blessed with strong, evenly shaped natural nails, and even those who are find it difficult to live a busy life and keep their nails looking in the best of condition. Nail extensions are a tough and popular alternative, with the nude look as popular now as it ever was.

Learning to be a nail technician keeps you at the forefront of nail fashion, and gives you the satisfaction of creating beautiful hands for your clients every day. You can get nail course from among others and learn the art of the manicurist in just a few short weeks. The best nail technician courses take into account all types of extensions and treatments, from gels and acrylics to fibreglass and silks, giving a solid grounding in the types of treatments available and how to apply them.

Reputable nail course providers such as also offer video tutorials and online materials so you can study at your own pace and learn by watching demonstrations as well as through hands-on, practical experience with experienced tutors.

Accreditation is important in order to help you secure employment after training, or to secure the necessary insurance if you intend to start your own business. It’s also vital to have ongoing support to help you stay up to date and fully informed on the fast moving and fashionable nail technician and nail art business.