For Kidney Related Treatments and Procedures Go For the Best Nephrologist


Nephrologists examine analyze and take care of kidney diseases and causes of kidney problems, such as hypertension, high blood pressure, chronic kidney failure and more. Undoubtedly, among the most critical diseases on earth, renal failure takes a fearsome position, even in this advanced age. Based at Mesa, Arizona, the MD Manual Embrante is one of the most efficient and demanding Nephrologists in the states of AZ and Phoenix. For individuals suffering from the problems like Acute Glomerulonephritis, Chronic Kidney failure, Nephrotic  Syndrome or Kidney Cancer can meet this able, proficient Kidney Doctor based in Arizona.

The specialty area of Dr. Manuel Abrante is Nephrology. He graduated from the Anahuac University, Mexico in 1984. Apart from keeping him fully engaged with the esteemed research and specialty medical facility Southwest Kidney Institute, the well-known kidney doctor has affiliation with Banner Desert Medical Center, Mercy Gilbert Medical Institute, Banner Bay Wood Medical Center, Chandler Regional Medical Center and LUKES Hospital of Tampa. To have appointment of Dr. Manuel, you should get in touch with him over phone. He offers complete suggestion after reviewing a patient’s medical background and physical evaluation tests.


At this stage, usually, he advises to undergo certain lab exams relating to urine protein as well as blood together with ultrasound. Upon completion of all these procedures, he investigates them and ascertains about the acuity of kidney disorder level.  Out of the major Insurances accepted by Dr. Abrante some include First Health PPO, COFINITY PPO, Humana Phoenix HMO and Multiplan PPO. With a flaw-free medical practitioner’s background, this Mesa based patient friendly physician has offered services to thousands of kidney patients for more than 31 years.

According to many of his patients, the major procedure Hemodylasis, a very painful process, is undertaken by him quite efficiently, keeping patients calm and cool.  Dr. Manual Abrante completed his residency session with great expertise from the Raritan Bay Medical Center. From the same medical care setting he undertook his specialization course in Internal Medicine. This is a compulsory curriculum for physicians specialize in Nephrology. Dr Manual completed his Fellowship curriculum in Nephrology from the Albany Medical Center in the year 1993.

This popular Nephrologist of Mesa, Arizona Dr. Manual Abrante is outfitted with all necessary certifications & licensures. Medical license is most vital for physicians offer services in the US, similar to all other countries. He is equipped with an NPI number, which is a nationally unique number offered to physicians and managed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid or CMS to all Physicians working in the US.  The eminent doctor is certified by the esteemed society American Board of Internal Medicine. He has certification in the area of Critical Care Medicine as well as Internal Medicine from the board. To obtain all necessary care, dialysis procedures and guidelines on a series of kidney linked diseases, high blood pressure or hypertension; choosing Dr. Manual’s service is the best choice.