Stem Cell Treatment

Due to the recent advent of medical sciences on each passing day, we find new and innovative ways introduced by medical sciences to cure different health hazards. Doctors and medical scientists research day and night to bring in more and better processes for the treatment of people. Stem cell treatment is one of the most innovative treatment procedures that are commonly in use for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Stem cell treatment is a kind of genetic medicine and is relatively a new treatment technology that has received a lot of attention from the recognized scientists all around the world. According to the scientists, stem cell treatment can be a great use of biotechnology in the long run. The basic idea behind this treatment process is to bring in new cells cultivated from the research center to replace damaged or ill cells in the body.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the most important part of stem cell treatment process. Stem cells that are involved in this treatment are basically immature cells. They are important since they have the ability to grow and develop into other types of cells present in the body. This unique capability allows the stem cells to grow in to organs of the body including liver, lungs, heart etc. In stem cell treatment, the cells are usually injected in to the body at areas where there is some kind of injury under ideal conditions. Once the stem cells reach the targeted site, they start to work out and healing takes place.

Stem Cell Treatment

Types of Stem Cell Treatment:

There are basically three types of stem cell treatment. The most important type is allogenic is which the stem cells are collected from the same species. Next is xenogenic in which cells are taken from animal or different species. The last one is auologous, in which the cells are extracted from the same animal and therefore, chances of rejection in this type of stem cell treatment are not there at all. Auologous treatment is considered the best type of stem cell treatment.

Uses of Stem Cell Treatment:

Stem cell treatment can be used in almost any diseases which were considered incurable in the past. Even, this cell treatment has been proved successful in treating certain types of malignant cancer, for e.g. brain cancer. Using this treatment, the survival rate of patients suffering from brain cancer is higher than the ones treated with traditional medicines.

In case of traditional medications, cancer spreads very quickly while it has been proven that stem cell therapy reduces the size of tumor greatly. Furthermore, this cell treatment has even been proved successful in treating certain medical conditions like spinal cord injury, cardiovascular diseases, vision deficiency, Parkinson’s diseases, Alzheimer’s diseases. Even conditions like missing teeth and many more diseases can be treated with the help of this new biotechnology.

Today, you can find many clinics offering safe and effective stem cell treatment. In order to find a US based clinic for this sort of treatment, you can simply perform a web search using the key phrase related to stem cell treatment.