Keratin Fusion Extensions

Keratin fusion extensions is one of the most popular extension techniques that will make you satisfied with your hairstyle every day. You can give your hair any length and thickness and style them as you like.

Of course, the extension process takes some time, so you need to be ready to devote a few hours to the procedure and then to the reapplication of your hairstyle after 3-4 months.

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How Long Do Keratin Fusion Extensions Take To Put In: Step-by-Step Instruction

Let’s talk about how keratin fusion extensions are installed.

  • First, the hair stylist must determine where the extended strands will be placed.
  • Once the hair technician has determined a suitable extension scheme for you, he/she fixes the strand in the designated location with a keratin bond.
  • Keratin glue is melted with a special iron. Your stylist can work with different types of keratin glue pellets: standard Italian or gel. Standard comes in 3 colors: transparent, black and brown. Gel keratin glue comes in different shades, so it is possible to make bonds that match perfectly with your hair color.
  • The process of bonds attachment starts from the top of the head and gradually passes to the temples and the back of the head.
  • Extended strands are arranged in such a way to be as unnoticeable as possible in the hairstyle. They are hidden under the natural hair, so no one will notice where the bonds are attached.

As you can see, the extension process is time-consuming.

If the hair technician will use standard size bonds (1 gram of hair per strand), then this procedure takes an average of 3-4 hours.

If you want to try micro bonds (perfect for clients with thin or damaged strands), then get ready to spend at least 4 hours.

We recommend using only high-quality natural hairs: Slavic hair for soft thin curls, dyed for denser texture and European for dense thick strands.

All these types of hair do not cause allergic reactions: they are not treated with aggressive chemical dyes, thanks to this it is possible to preserve the cuticle of hairs.

If you follow all the aftercare recommendations of your hairstylist, you can use the extensions for 3-4 months until the next reapplication procedure.

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