All of us have been guilty of rushing out in the morning without breakfast. By doing so, we miss an important meal of the day. This makes us vulnerable to many health problems which can  easily be avoided if we maintain a healthy lifestyle. From weight issues due to binge- eating or overeating when you eat late, to low energy and lack of concentration as you work, skipping breakfast has several drawbacks. With a number of quick and easy breakfast options available on the online medical store Zigy, there is no reason to start your day on an empty stomach!


Rich in Fibre, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids and folate, oats are the quickest and healthiest breakfast choice for you. Cooked in minutes on your stove top, oats can be made sweet or savoury according to your preference. They are rich in beta-glucan, a fibre which helps lower cholesterol when it is eaten regularly. Rolled oats are readily available on Zigy and you can purchase it with other healthcare products in India.


Oats, wheat flakes, fruits and toasted nuts come together to create this delicious and nourishing breakfast bowl for you. Healthier than any breakfast cereal, muesli is not only easy to put together, but also has up-to 10  health benefits which make it a must-have in your pantry. Choose from many different flavours available on Zigy and embark on a healthy lifestyle. The nuts provide you with essential oils, proteins and vitamins, while oats and wheat- flakes provide much-needed fibre to boost the health of your heart, and help you feel full for longer. Muesli is also a great meal option for you if you are trying to lose weight!

Granola Bars

Available as conveniently packed crunchy bars, granola is made by baking a mixture of steamed oats, nuts, honey and puffed rice. Perfect for you if you like to have your breakfast on the go, granola becomes extra fun when you are eating at home. You can have it with yogurt, fresh fruits or honey to boost flavour and nutritional value. Granola bars are rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc phosphorus and much more. Choose your favourite flavour from those available on Zigy, and make sure you have a healthy breakfast in your pocket no matter how busy you are!

Get creative

A quick and healthy breakfast does not necessarily have to be a tasteless and boring one. Transform your bowl of muesli into a refreshing meal with a dash of cold milk and chopped fruits and crunchy nuts for a breakfast which will prepare you for a rewarding day! Granola bars taste best when they are eaten with fresh fruits and juices. Find the combination which suits your taste buds the best and look forward to a nourishing breakfast every morning.

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