It is very much necessary for sport person and for common people too, to maintain good health and having a personalized guidance about the diet plan and nutrition requirements. Without having good planning for meal and nutrition workouts alone are not effective and it is difficult to attain our goal. Having a personalized diet planner in the case of sport team or for the members of fitness center it is must. Following are the guidelines for selection of coach who advice healthy diet.

1. Select fitness trainer or diet planner: before selecting personal coach for fitness or a nutritionist you need to do some home work. Make a decision whether you required a fitness trainer, nutrition diet planner or combination of both. Like fitness trainer with nutrition knowledge.Personal Coach for Nutritious Diet Planning

2. Allocate budget and time period: Fix the approximate budget allocation and time period let it be for six month, one year, or two year what ever the case may be. For right candidate do not hesitate to spend extra money.

3. Know about qualification: Confirm about the coach he must have degree in nutrition and diet planning from a recognized university and certification of fitness trainer and nutrition planner. Confirm any achievement and award for his work done.

4. Past history and experience: Confirm his past history and experiences. Before hiring cross check reference of friend and past employer. Must confirm any complain regarding his way of working and nutrition diet plan. Know his past performance by asking the people who hired earlier.

5. Make a contract agreement: Ask him about the working agreement if you are hiring for sports team, as he will be guiding through out the tenure and improving the performance of sport person or individual as there should not be any break down in between.

6. Mode of payment: Ask for mode of payment, any security deposits form his side and advance deposit from your side too. Payment to be done through check or cash including service tax or with out it.

7.Work as professional diet planner: Trainer should have your basic information like, diet whether you are vegetarian or non vegetarian, what is your age, weight, height, working schedule, your eating habits, current diet, your daily consumption of calorie and how much you required to burn. The parameters will be different in the case of children and female.

8. Better understanding: Diet planner should be in accordance to your health; it should be made in consideration of your stress level, allergic food items, what are you likes and dislikes. As per these points a trainer should plan a healthy diet for you

9. Advice for balanced diet: Planner is to advice a diet which is balanced in nature not a simple diet. It should contain all the required vitamins and fiber. If you are vegetarian then take green salad and fruits and whole grain sprouted. If you are a non vegetarian then it should be blend with fish, egg, and red meat.

10. Additional supplement provider: Trainer should be able to advice additional nutritional supplement as vitamin and minerals tablets. The diet has to be taken in fixed time schedule. Trainer should be able to advice specific diet plan and if required, should be adjusted.

11. Motivational factor: Apart from this the trainer should be able to understand the goal and boost our motivational level to maintain our energy and interest.

12. AvailabilityConfirm whether the trainer will be available round the clock in person or over the phone, how often he will provide consultancy, willingness to travel. Should be able to monitor your health time to time and work accordingly.

With all the above discussed point you can go ahead to hire a personalized nutrition and diet planner. Personal trainer in CT will provide you the best service. Leave your health to you personal diet planner and relax, the trainer will take care.