A Useful Guide That Will Help You to Accurately Diagnose Addiction to Any Substance

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In most of the cases, friends, family members, and other close people to the patient are the first to recognize some changes in their behavior. Here the first role comes of the family doctor or General physician.

The doctor may ask several relevant questions that involve how frequently the substance is being consumed, whether the patient feels that he has a problem, or whether the substance that is consumed by the patient is criticized by people, etc. If the doctor realizes that the patient may have issues related to addiction, he will refer him to a specialist.

After referring him to a specialist, a blood test may be undertaken. It can determine if the substance still prevails in the bloodstream. In this way, a conclusion can be made whether the substance has been consumed recently or not.

Many reputable rehabilitation centers like Renaissance can help the patient to get rid of such addiction. Their assistance can prove to be very useful to let the patient rejuvenate his life.

rehab center

What are the criteria that must be met to ascertain Substance Dependence?

According to DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), a patient that is suspected to be addicted must meet the following criteria. The criteria for dependency on drugs that results in complex issues must involve three of the following.

  • The patient often consumes more than the intended doses of substance.
  • The patient may try to cut down or quit.
  • Tolerance level – This means that the substance has considerably less effect on patient since his body may have developed enough tolerance. He may need more and more amount of it to achieve the same pleasure.
  • Some psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms are detected. The patient may even be found taking the substance in order to prevent himself from experiencing withdrawal. He may even take similar substance for the same.
  • Large amount of time is spent to get hold of the substance, consuming it, or recovering from the effects of it.
  • The drugs cause the patient to give up occupational, recreational, or social activities.
  • The patient continues to consume the substance even after knowing its undesirable physical or psychological problems.

Other important Factors

  • One among every three patients, who are addicted meet the criteria for depressive or anxiety disorders.
  • Mood alterations, suffering from insomnia, high respiratory rates, and elevated body temperature are also some of the things that points out to the issues of substance dependence.

An accurate diagnosis at preliminary stage prevents the patients from many significant future troubles. So, take all such issues seriously and consult a doctor right away if you find such symptoms in your closed ones.