The things you need to know about breast implants


People say that the pursuit to eternal beauty is never-ending and one of the most popular ways especially for women happens to be breast implants. This is simply because the size of a woman’s breasts can directly affect her level of self-confidence and how she views herself as a woman hence these implants are considered to be an important part of modern society. If you are considering having breast implants, then here are the things you must know:

  • Size matters but only individually

When you talk about getting breast implants the first thing that comes to your mind would probably be the size of implants to get. You need to understand that there is no ‘universal’ size for all women and it really comes down to one’s own preferences. Some women may prefer having moderate sized implants while others prefer to have double DD implants so it really is up to you on which size you end up choosing.

Also do take note that the rest of your body ultimately determines the right size that you should get. The best way to find out what size breast implants are the best choice for you is to simply consult your plastic surgeon and to discuss your concerns about size with him or her. Typically breast implant sizes are discussed in the form of milliliters, that is the measurement of the volume of silicone gel or saline that will be in your implants, but if this confuses you just request for the doctor to talk in terms of breasts size instead.

  • Will breast implants damage your body?

With over 300,000 breast implant surgeries performed annually in the United States, you can be rest assured that this procedure is definitely safe and should not pose a risk to your health. There are some concerns that when the implants are inserted, that they will cause something known as capsular contracture which can be averted if the surgeon is using textured implant shells.

You should always discuss any concerns you may have on the benefits, risks and side-effects which may come after the surgery for you. The more you know, the easier it is for oyu to decide where having breast implants is the best thing for you.

  • Breast implants aren’t permanent

Yes, that’s right. If at some point in your life after getting your breast implants, your body undergoes a change or you feel it is no longer necessary to have them, you can opt for breast implant removal surgery which also includes reshaping your breasts once the implants have been taken out. So no matter what you think, this procedure is not permanent.