body for summer

The evenings are lighter and there’s a smell of barbeque smoke in the air, which can only mean one thing: summer is coming! If you’ve been waiting for a bit of warmth or you’re looking forward to showing off a new wardrobe, this is great news, but if you’re not 100% happy with your body, you may be panicking that the time to show off your arms and legs is nearly upon us. Here are some tips to help you get body beautiful in time for summer:

Start with your skin

Your skin is constantly on show in the summer, as your wardrobe adapts to the hazy climes, so make sure you look after it. Cleanse tone and moisturise your face at least once a day, never go to bed without taking off make-up and drink plenty of water. Remember to exfoliate your face and body at least once a week using an exfoliating scrub or a mitt and moisturise your face and body at least once a day. It is particularly important to moisturise if you have dry skin. Eating berries, citrus fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is also really beneficial for your skin.

body for summer

Tone up

If you’re worried about summer because you’re not exactly in bikini shape at the moment, start doing something about it now! You don’t need to live in the gym to make a difference to your body, you just need to exercise on a regular basis and eat well. If you don’t fancy going to the gym, try doing a fitness class, playing team sports or making use of the great outdoors. If you’re short on time, there are some great fitness DVDs you can do at home.

Eat well

Most people think about making changes to their diet when the days get warmer and the countdown to showing off their beach body begins. In the winter, when it’s cold outside and the afternoons are dark and miserable, it’s difficult to eat healthier foods, such as salads, but in the summer this is much easier. Try to ensure that you get your 5 a day everyday and cut down on fatty, processed foods; prepare fresh meals with plenty of vegetables, wholegrain carbohydrates and lean meat and poultry and try swapping your normal desserts for healthier choices, such as fruit salad, frozen yoghurt or Greek yoghurt with berries.