How far you deny it, but you can never run away from this bitter truth that you live in a world where people make the judgment by looks and not your nature. In comparison to all the techniques that is used for enhancing the looks, plastic or cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular and effective procedure. Previously, these treatments was only opted by the famous and rich people, but now its popularity and affordably raised so much that even the teens from high schools and housewife’s are going for this treatments.


Cosmetic surgeries can be undertaken in varied places of your body, but today you will be learning about plastic surgery in your nose, which is also known as Rhinoplasty.

Nose plays an important role in defining your looks. It is probably the first thing that people notices in your face. Thus, it’s very important that you have a nose, which makes your look flawless and perfect one. And, the only way to get a perfect nose is Rhinoplasty, a surgery that offers you the best nose.

How can Rhinoplasty help?

During the surgical procedure, your surgeon will make your nose a little short, make the tip of your nose go a little upward, such that it looks more pert. It also makes the bridge of your nose look much thinner so that it looks a bit less than its actual size. Basically, Rhinoplasty is performed in two major varieties- open and closed. Now, which one is required for your skin and nose, will of course be decided by your surgeon.

Open surgery:

In the open surgery, doctors go to the base of your nose, for correcting and improving every feature in your nose.

Closed surgery:

Just like the open surgery, surgeons correct and make certain changes in the shape and structure of your nose, but without opening up your nose.

During the process:

This procedure is mainly done in the day time, your doctors would ask you to get admitted prior the day of your surgery, so that they can finish all the “pre-operative investigations”. Next day, they will start with the surgery, which can last for one or maximum two hours. The entire process is very much secured and safe for the patients. And you will get to see your results perfectly after six weeks of your surgery.

Some common symptoms after the surgery:

  • Headache for one day or even more than that.
  • Nostrils will become a little tender to youch.
  • A little uncomfortable to breath from your nose.
  • Pain after your cast gets removed etc.

These are some symptoms, but there are various others that you might face after the surgery. but nothing to worry because they are common. Rhinoplasty in South Africa has become quite popular and its popularity is constantly growing. So, if you are planning to get one, head now.