Are you Gaining Weight? Get Your Hormone Level Checked

Gaining Weight

Are you serious about losing your weight? You must have read many tips and suggestions in various magazines and medical journals. Some of the common tips to lose weight are as follows:

  • Take low calorie diet
  • Eat when you feel hungry
  • Eat real food and avoid junk food
  • Avoid taking alcohol and artificial sweeteners
  • Reduce your stress and sleep more
  • Eat less amount of dairy products
  • Take more vitamins and minerals
  • Exercise regularly

However, in his article we will briefly talk about hormones since many of you must have tried all above method and still could not achieve the desired results. Many of you must have visited diet clinic to lose your weight too.

Gaining Weight

It is right time to get your hormones checked

Many people cannot achieve proper weight loss due to their hormonal imbalances. Mostly following hormones can be your area of problem.

  • Thyroid hormone
  • Stress hormones
  • Sex hormones

Thyroid hormone

Women generally suffer from decreased metabolism, which is mainly due to thyroid hormone deficiency. Common symptoms of Thyroid hormone deficiency are the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Cold intolerance
  • Weight gain
  • Dry skin

If you are suffering from Thyroid deficiency then you can gain as much as 15 pounds of weight. Your doctor can easily detect your thyroid level by doing necessary blood test where they check thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). If this test gives negative result then you probably do not have any issue with thyroid. However, in order to diagnose in more detail they can measure actual level of thyroid hormone.

How to avoid Thyroid deficiency

Your diet must have enough iodine elements present therefore take plenty of shellfish and iodised salt.

Sex hormones

Your weight can also increase due to sex hormone. Women particularly suffer from this problem. They not only gain weight, but also their menstrual cycle is disturbed. In addition to that, it can cause infertility, acne and hair growth on face like in men. Women suffering from this problem must consume low diet of carbohydrate. During menopause women may gain weight and they tend to become less feminine and the curves in their body are also reduced.

Even men suffer from declining level of sex hormone, which may lead to weight gain and their muscles may decrease.

Treatment for deficiency of sex hormone can be partially done by engaging the patient on some smart exercises and they should take enough amounts of vitamin D. Doctors can also prescribe necessary supplement for the treatment. However, you must be careful about the doses, as it may lead to prostate cancer for men and breast cancer in women. People suffering from this deficiency must lead healthy lifestyle.

Stress hormone

This hormone is often responsible for extra weight as it may increase hunger level, which may lead to weight gain. The main reason for this problem is lack of sleep and hence you must do something about it.

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