elle 18 juicy lip balm

Elle 18 is one of the most affordable cosmetics brands in India. It has recently launched an entire range of make- up cosmetics which include Color Pop! Liner, Glow Compact, Glow Foundation and Juicy Lip Balm. Elle 18’s new range is the sure “go to” mantra for every fashionista. From its launch, it is pretty clear that it is mainly targeted at college- going girls who believe in standing out of the crowd, being cool and dramatic.


Here, we are going to review the new juicy range of Elle 18 Juicy Lip balm. It comes in six juicy variants: juicy red, juicy pink, juicy muave, juicy berry, and juicy peach and juicy beige. The stylish Anushka Sharma is the brand ambassador for Elle 18.

The Elle 18 Juicy lip balm comes in a transparent tube packaging with a black screw cap and has black and pink graphics. It has a slanted tip for easy application. The new Juicy Lip Balm is a lot similar to Elle 18 lip smoothies! The outer plastic covering is very much like other lip balms available in the market. Looks cheap? Yes. They have hiked the price to Rs.110, which was sold at Rs. 85 before.

The lip balm smells like a toffee (Lacto candies to be precise). But it sure is an improvement from all that. It is non- sticky lip balm containing the nourishing formula of jojoba oil, Vitamin E and olive oil. It claims to have a moisturising formula with only a tinge of color. “Only a tinge” of color that means it would be wrong to expect color. The color, when it is still in the tube looks very bright, vivid and solid. But on application, it is transparent. It would be great to wear it over lipsticks. The consistency is like your average lip balms, but it is runnier and cannot be over applied. It is a cross between balms and glosses and can be worn over lipsticks for a little sheen. It makes your lips appear plump and moisturized but you won’t find it doing any action on chapped lips. The color doesn’t stay after sometime and worse still, the lip balm also goes off! It stays for around 2 hours.



Travel- friendly

Moisturises lips


Non- sticky

SPF 15


Poor staying power

No pigmentation

No healing of chapped lips

No ingredient list

Taking care of your lips is as important as taking care of the rest of your body and it is a beauty regimen every girl must carry out throughout the day. Here is a list of some benefits of using lip balms:

Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balm Price in India:

The Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balm Price in India is Rs. 110 (9mL).

Skin heals faster– Because the skin of your lips is delicate than the rest of your skin, you have to take special care of your lips. Using a lip balm ensures that your lips keep hydrated all the time and prevents any chap and heals faster.

Avoid embarrassment of chapped lips– If you’ve experienced dry, chapped lip, you probably know what embarrassment is. During winters, you tend to lick off the thin layer over your lips. This results in chapped lips when it gets mixed with cold and wintry weather. So, to avoid this situation, always wear a lip balm.

Your lips will appear more supple– Lip balms turn your thin and dry lips into plump and moisturized and give a perfect superstar- like pout. Moisturising them everyday using a lip balm ensures healthy and supple lips and maintain a youthful look.

Lip balms contain SPF– Most of the lip balms have SPF in them. These prevent dry and chapped lips and protect them from harmful rays of the sun.