Steroids have been very popular today, whether it is injectable or oral, people are taking it in order to make their muscles. Take an older book or an obsolete website about steroids and then look for the side effects of Trenbolone. In 99% of all cases, “Fina Cough” will be listed there. The “Fina” is derived from the Finajet, which is the most famous trade name for Trenbolone, especially in the USA, where many myths about steroids are produced. “A cough” comes from English. The “Fina Cough” is, therefore, a cough, which is related to Trenbolone. A long story, short: many athletes report the sudden onset of irritation after the injection of trenbolone acetate.

Just another myth or clear fact?

One could now make it simple and push the sudden irritation cough, if indeed present, on the acetate ester. However, this approach is anything but mature, since the said side effect does not occur with other steroids which are provided with an acetate ester. A further possibility would be the widely accepted assumption in the USA that the “Fina Cough” is based on a strong prostaglandin formation after the injection. Prostaglandins are a pain, inflammation and fever messenger substances of the body, which are broken down among the lungs, among other things, and explain the spontaneous irritation. This is also the reason why the trenbolone acetate of the “Fina Cough” is supposed to occur in the case of other steroids, which have the same effect on the prostaglandin secretion.

A further solution would be the benzyl alcohol content in the solutions but also here the same question arises so that all previous theories can be shelved. It is striking in the whole “Fina Cough” story that it was a frequent phenomenon after trenbolone acetate injections, but in the course of research on this book no single athlete could be found who reacts so extensively to trenbolone acetate, what do athletes do today differently than a few years ago? The answer is quite simple: Trenbolone is now available as a raw material. In the past, the only way to get trenbolone acetate for injection was the expensive and not very risky production of Finaplix pellets.

As described in the chapter on the history of the Trenbolone, Finaplix is an implant used in livestock breeding where the cattle are shot under the skin by means of a special pistol, and from there they are effective. In addition to trenbolone acetate, these FinePix pellets also contain, as a matter of course, binders and other additives, which can often not be 100% filtered out during home production. It is very obvious that the “Fina Cough” is a direct reaction to trenbolone acetate solutions made from Finaplix pellets and has nothing to do with the steroid trenbolone itself. For this thesis, the simple fact that athletes who buy their trenbolone acetate products from different sources that do not use Finaplix pellets as the basis simply do not know the “Fina Cough”.