Caul Birth: rarest of the phenomenon


Caul Birth

The biological world is full of exceptional occurrences. It defines the genetic as well as a structural diversity of the human being. Thus from that, we are able to know the evolutionary status of the human kind. En caul birth is a very exclusive event that occurs one out of 80,000 cases of pregnancy. Thus there are many stories and superstitions surrounding this particular phenomenon. It is definitely believed to be a very special characteristic to hold for any baby having a caul during its birth. This characteristic birth is mentioned in many novels and also in many science fiction movies owing to its rare occurrence. And it is also believed that the baby with this type of birth also holds different special characteristics.

What is a Caul?

Caul can be defined as a membranous covering with which the baby is born. The whole of the face and the head region is present in the covering. This particular phenomenon is also called as the “Born in a shirt”. Although the appearance during the delivery might be very much frightening and it also comes up with a lot of extra complication for the mother, still each and every mother who gave birth to a baby carrying such kind of membranous covering, rejoiced all the way. To be precise, caul is the part of the amniotic sac. In the body of the mother, during the gestational phase, the baby is totally covered in the amniotic sac surrounded by the amniotic fluid all around. Usually, during birth, the baby comes out of the sac, except in this case.

History and myth behind the caul birth

In the medieval age, the Europeans believed that the born with a caul is definitely a good sign. They believed that it will bring good luck to the baby and the baby will be able to perform and achieve great things in his lifetime. Although if the baby is born with a caul of black color they believed it to be a sign of ill omen. In fact, many historical characters proved this conception to be right with their achievement and immense capabilities. In fact,as they were born with a floating attribute it was believed that they will never drown in any circumstances.

How the Caul is removed during the delivery?

As the caul is harmless a little effort can easily remove the caul from the baby. Although practiced are needed for this work. Generally, during the removal, a small cut is made adjacent to the nose region to help the breathing procedure. After the caul is gently rubbed with a piece of sheet to remove the membrane. It can also be peeled off in a gentle way. During this peeling care should be given as a little bit of pressure will be highly damaging for the child as it can remove the infant’s flesh also.

Historical Character

Famous peoples like Napoleon, Sir Sigmund Freud etc. are born with this caul. Probably the caul superstitions and myths are probably due to the achievement of the extraordinary feature these people have done in their lifetime.