You bought a vape from an online store like and now you want to know Why Flavored E liquids? With the increase in demand for E-cigarettes, there are various varieties of E liquids being prepared. Have a look at the ingredients used in ejuice.

There are a variety of flavors available. Below are a few flavors:

  1. Magic Man E-juice: It is available in many flavors of Candy and Watermelon fruits. It tastes as though you are eating a juicy red watermelon along with some gummy bears.
  2. Strawberry Short cake: It has the flavors of strawberry with rich ice cream with a cake crumble that reminds of summers in your childhood. It has a perfect balance of cream and sweet to give you that fresh feel all day long.
  3. Catch ya latte: If you like espresso, then is the flavor you must try. Catch ya Latte tastes like fresh espresso with a combination of hazelnut and a hint of caramel.
  4. Rainbow Custard: It is a mixture of fresh strawberries and peaches with custard. It is available in different levels of nicotine like 0,3,6,12 and 18 mg.
  5. Sahara Gold: If you are trying to quit smoking, then is the flavor you must try. It tastes similar to tobacco and does not have any other added flavors. This can be ordered in different PG/VG concentrations based on your choice.
  6. Berry Bash: It is a blend of three berries, the fresh strawberry, sweet raspberry and blueberry. You can taste the sweet fruits in this e juice.
  7. Pluto: It is a mix of Watermelon and honeydew. Watermelon is the first strong flavor supported by honeydew coming next. It also has a hint of mint for a cool sensation. This is the best option for people who love watermelon!

For Watermelon lovers, Bubble melon is another great option that is watermelon bubble gum flavor. This is smooth and refreshing with a little sweetness.

  1. Astro: This is a blend of Green Apple, strawberry and peach at a punch! The green apple gives it a crisp flavor when strawberry and peach are sweet. This e juice is available at a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 only.
  2. If you are looking for a light vape ejuice, Mr Miyagi is the best because of its light and delicious flavor of papaya and a tang from plums. This could be an all-day Vape!
  3. Manchu, for the love of Mangoes! It tastes just like ripe mangoes with a sweet flavor of guava making it more refreshing. Even this is a good option for an all-day vape!
  4. And the cookie lovers are not left behind! The sweet tooth, with a blend of vanilla, graham cracker and cookie – all in one! This makes it a dessert e liquid.
  5. White gummyis a new addition to these candy e liquids and has already got very famous. With the flavor of white gummy candy, it’s a snack time refreshing vape that will grab your attention for its lovely packaging.

There are some brands that customize the blend of flavors, PG/VG concentrations and the nicotine levels. Good discounts are available on order of 2 or more bottles.