Magnetic Pulser

Natural healing treatments are gaining priority now. People are bored of taking medicines for every ailment and it is not always cured completely. Many other techniques have taken the place of the medicines and the drinking of pure water is one of them. The body should always have pure water as water occupies more than seven tenth of the human body. The stressful lifestyle of the people results in many chronic ailments which are often not cured fully by medicines. Many instruments have been built which are based on local touch principles bringing out an overall soothing effect in the body.

Magnetic Pulser

Different Kinds of Machines

Dr. Robert Beck is the pioneer in this field inventing many Sota instruments which have been able to cure the problems without leaving any traces. . All these are aimed at removing pathogens bacteria and some other organisms which pose a great danger. Technology has been applied in the best form in these machines and all these come at reasonable prices. Some of the famous instruments are Dr. Robert Beck Protocol, Sota Magnetic Pulser, Sota Silver Pulser, Sota Water Ozonator, Sota Lightworks and Sota Biotuner. All these instruments come with accessories suiting various purposes and are supplied along with the instruments only.

How The Magnetic Pulser Works

The magnetic pulser is a pulsed magnetic field generator that has gone through various tests to guarantee best performance. A very powerful magnetic field is generated by this instrument, which by the principle of induction creates small electrical micro currents inside the human body. There is a rapid On and Off process in the pulser which produces frequency harmonics and is capable of moving charged particles in fluids. This is best suited for dealing with constrictions and blockages like those in lymphatic tissues. This machine, however, cannot affect the whole body at a time but can only work upon local areas like muscles, bones, lymph glands and internal organs. This brings about the best local pain relief and can cure the excessive pains permanently. In addition to this there is no chance of getting electric shocks in this process.

Different Diseases Which Have Been Cured

Many diseases like migraine, sleeping disorder, dark circles around the eyes, fatigue, redness in the eyes, have all been cured successfully. There are even many patients who have recovered from severe injuries and infections. A lot of customers have left the clinics with satisfying service less the excruciating pains which once bothered their lives..

How To Place Orders

To facilitate the customers, a lot of payment options have been devised. All debit cards and credit cards are accepted if someone intends to make on line payments. Paypal is another option which can be resorted to. There are also professionals to take the orders via phone and needless to say that customers can order via mails also. The orders are dispatched within 48 hours of time with very little delivery charges. Returning the goods or cancelling the order can also be opted for with original packaging. All these should be done within 30 days of receiving the order. In this case a full refund is done.

Customer Care

Customer service is paid a lot of attention in the clinics and every detail regarding customers is kept in mind. The experts here understand the problems which the patients are suffering from and try to cure them permanently. The services are available always and once the patient steps inside the clinic, he can be assured of a guaranteed and holistic treatment of their problems and the elimination of the root cause.