3 Tips for Picking the Right Health Insurance Plan


When it comes to health insurance, there are a lot of different philosophies about how to pick the right plan for you. Since many people have differing ideas about what health insurance should be or do, it can be difficult to say “this is what you will need in your health insurance plan”. However, there are certain questions or principles you can use to determine what type or health insurance will work best for you and your family. If you’re in the market for a new health insurance plan, use the three tips below to help you find the perfect plan for your health needs.

Ask The RIght Questions

Finding the right plan for you is all about knowing the right answers to the right questions. According to ConsumerReports.org, there are three questions you should ask in order to have a better idea of what type of health insurance will work best for you. These questions include what do the different plans cover, how much will you be having to pay, and what physicians and medical centers are available? If you know what you would like the answers to these questions to be, it just became that much easier for you to pick a plan that will meet all your needs.

Keep in mind, however, that you may not be able to find a plan that adequately addresses each and every one of your health insurance requirements. For this reason, it’s also a good idea to know which areas you may be willing to give a little on. By prioritizing your wants and needs for your health insurance coverage, you can find a plan that will fit you.

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Before you can truly understand what certain plans are offering you, it’s important to know what some basic health insurance acronyms mean and how they can apply to you, like HMO, PPO and HSA.

According to Blue Cross Blue Shield, HMO coverage has lower cost but specific doctors you can see, PPO has higher cost but a wider range of doctors and more freedom to see who you want, and an HSA is a mobile savings account for your health expenses. Depending on your personal preferences, one of these three options likely sounds more appealing to you. When looking for the right plan for you, make sure it falls in the category that you think would be the best fit.

Assess Your Lifestyle

Prior to deciding upon your plan, be sure you think long and hard about what your current health care needs are and what some of your potential health care needs could be before you next pick a plan. According to GetCoveredAmerica.org, being aware of how often you use health care services can make a huge difference for which plan would be best for you. Also, if you anticipate a surgery, pregnancy, or big health event within the next year, you may want to get a plan that will cover you for those expenses as well. Understanding your health needs and desires before picking a plan can make a world of difference.

The next time you need to choose a health insurance plan for either yourself or your family, consider using the above tips when deciding which type of plan and coverage will be most beneficial to you. With a little thought and research, you can find a plan that meets all your needs, including your budget.