Anapolon And Androl Cycle


Anapolon is a name for oxymetholone, which also sometimes goes by the moniker ‘Anadrol’. This is a synthetic anabolic steroid, meaning it developed in the lab in order to simulate the effects of testosterone in the body. Although it has a low binding affinity for the androgen receptor that is how most steroids work it nevertheless promotes impressive muscle growth by enhancing protein synthesis. It does this largely by increasing the production of red blood cells. It allows the body to transport more blood around the body, there by transporting more oxygen for fuel, more protein for muscle growth and more nutrients for energy and recovery. It is one of the most powerful androgenic steroids and it also has some of the most serious, common and pronounced side effects of all the steroids. There are many doses of this medicine mostly known as the typical cycle dosages 500.

Even though this medicine has that low binding affinity, it still does artificially increase testosterone production to some extent which is what causes a number of these unwanted side effects. Liver toxicity, however, is the most serious side effect. Meanwhile, for women, the side effects can be even more serious including hair growth, changes in the menstrual cycle, baldness and more.

Anadrol cycles are some of the most common cycles in enhancing the performance but as with any anabolic steroid or supplement of any form, one needs to know how to take it if anyone is going to truly gather a reward.  The strong majority of Anadrol cycles will be for the purpose of bulking during off-season periods, as this is the steroids main reason; to increase size and power. However, there are many people who had to include Anadrol cycles into their cutting phase and almost always common among competitive bodybuilders as they are usually the only ones who will find this helpful.

Like a couple of other steroids, Anapolon is a derivative of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. Some of the other steroids that fall in this group include Winstrol, Anavar, and Primobolan. However, what makes it unique is that it’s essentially a steroidthat will make you bulky, unlike the others that get you lean. Many bodybuilders find this a bit surprising. Anapolon or Anadrol is a hardcore anabolic and you can begin experiencing the side effects as soon as you begin the Anapolon Cycle. And they seem to last for as long as this cycle lasts.

Anapolon typical cycle dosages 500 Side Effects are as follow:

  • Some of the most common Anapolon Side Effects include high blood pressure, liver, toxicity, bloated appearance, gynecomastia, severe acne, lower back cramps, nausea and vomiting, changes in skin color, weight gain, depression, insomnia, urination problems, loss of appetite etc.
  • On the other hand, women may experience side effects such as the growth of hair on chest and face, deepening of voice, hair loss etc. It can also lead to changes in the menstrual cycle and libido.
  • Prolonged use of Anadrol can lead to severe side effects such as cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, liver cancer etc. Unabated use of this steroid can prove fatal with life-threatening consequences.