5 kick ass high intensity elliptical workouts for all

elliptical trainer

From being the most neglected and often considered a below par workout equipment the elliptical trainer has over the years finally found its place in the heart of every gym but like with most workout machines, working out aimlessly on the elliptical trainer can turn monotonous and boring after 2-3 weeks.

It’s called full body workout equipment for a reason but knowing the right workouts is the only way to make the most of it and make it fun again. So here are somekick ass high intensity elliptical workouts you must try but before moving ahead with any of these workouts you’ll need a top notch elliptical trainer so check out few elliptical reviews for the best possible deal.

elliptical trainer

The newbie workout

For the first time elliptical users this newbie workout is the ultimate deal. Not only will it give you a clear idea about how the trainer functions and its different features but also workout various muscles groups such as your chest, triceps, quads, butt, core etc. and since its low impact you won’t drop dead after just a day.

It’s a 35 minute workout. Begin with level 3 resistance and build till 7 and for the final 5 minute cool down period gradually lower it down to 3 again while maintain an SPM of about 130-140 throughout.

Time to move the booty

If you’re looking for bigger and better toned butts you’ll need to engage your glutes and hamstrings into the workouts for which you need a trainer with an adjustable incline feature. Keep your feet firmly positioned on the leg stands and up the incline from 5 to 15 for the first 15-20 minutes and then back to 5 for other half.

Miss the treadmill?

For the treadmill lovers looking for a change while maintaining the same rhythm and flow or for those unable to find a vacant treadmill the elliptical treadmill workout is perfect. It’s the closest you’ll come to mimicking the running motion on a different cardio equipment. For this instead of grabbing onto the handlebars move your arms as you would while running and increase resistance or incline as per your comfort for added difficulty.

For the core

Almost every elliptical workout engages the core to an extent but if you solely want to focus on the core and rev up the workout it’s simple, just let go of the handlebars. This engages every core muscle since balancing becomes tough and it requires extra effort. To further take it up a notch you can increase the speed, add resistance and set the incline to about 5-6.

A quick fire workout

For those short on time here’s a simple 20 minute high intensity interval workout. There are no rest periods here and time is shortened by lowering recovery span. Start off with a resistance of 5 and raise it till 8-10 and for cool down lower it back to 5. For the cool down period let go of the handlebars and torch the core.

If time is not an issue then make this a 30 minute workout and alternate your hand positions every 5-10 minutes with 5 minutes of reverse motion every 15 minutes.

Note: In every workout the first 5 minutes are considered as warm up while the final 5 are for cooling down.

For those uncomfortable on an elliptical trainer the only other cardio equipment I’d recommend is the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine. When it comes to rowing machines this one’s a beast.