Why Women Need More Exercise Than their Male Counterparts?

women exercise

Did you know that women tend to lose body fat slowly than most of the men? If this is the case, then why so? This question might have certainly popped out the eyeballs of most of the women who are reading this post. This could be very annoying for a couple who decides to go on a weight losing spree together.

Difference in Fat Distribution Between Both The Genders

Men, unlike women, are more likely to accumulate fat around their tummy and waist where as for women it usually gathers in the hips and thighs before menopause. The storage pattern changes and resembles pretty much to the male storage system after menopause. In the pre-menopausal stages, women find it easier losing fat from the upper regions of their bodies, however losing it from the lower areas is quite the opposite.

What about the issue of muscle development gained by resistance training? Women who were a part of this study were able to add more lean body mass in the thighs as compared to hands and trunk. This shows that although women face difficulties losing fat from their thighs and hip regions, they surely can increase the lean body mass around the lower areas of the body.

women exercise

Women Use Fat More Effectively As Fuel During Exercise

There’s an interesting fact about women regarding burning of fats. They have the ability to burn fat into carbohydrates during exercises whereas men lack this ability. This factor is highly fuelled by the hormonal changes in both men and women.

Differences In Diet

There is a popular belief that women nibble more on sugary foods rich in fats and carbohydrates. On the contrary, men are believed to be highly fascinated by foods loaded with proteins in abundance like pizzas, steaks, hamburgers, etc. Women are also known to be ‘emotional eaters’ and cannot resist their tummies from foods when they are emotionally hurt.

How To Overcome The Unmerited Advantage?

Women definitely have to work harder than men to tone their bodies and get back in shape. It may seem difficult but cannot be thought of as something impossible because “when there is a will, there is a way”. Women should concentrate on high intensity cardio training to induce fat breaking metabolism in their bodies. Daily resistance training will enhance fiber growth in their bodies and enable the development of lean body mass around the regions which are prone to getting bulky.

As noted from the research results, women need harder training to add lean body mass in the upper areas like hands and trunks. High-intensity cardiovascular exercise is a much needed recourse for women to lose fat from their thighs and hips. On A Concluding Note?

Men and women don’t lose fat at the same rate. There are a variety of reasons supporting this fact and makes it a slightly harder challenge for the females. So there is definitely a need for inspiration and much required stamina, to cope up with the fat issues, for the ladies out there.