Family Doctor

Children and adults have different dental needs, but a family doctor would effectively address these dental issues. Does your family have a family dentist? If it doesn’t, you should consider having one as they address everyday oral health hygiene to prevent and treat oral health conditions. You should look for experts such as Marvin Taylor DDS, who specializes in preventive dentistry; this is why you may need the services offered by a family dentist.

The Dentist Will Treat the Whole Family

Your family will see one dentist who cares for patients of all ages and offers different oral health problems solutions. The dentist will access your oral health history and know any risks leading to effective preventive health care. You will not have to travel to different dental clinics to fix your dental issues, as the family doctor deals with all problems. Moreover, they may offer the right dental cosmetic procedures such as veneers, implants, and braces.

Convenient Scheduling

It is easy to schedule a dental appointment when seeing a single dentist; you can book the whole afternoon session and let the dentist see all the family members during one extended session. Moreover, some family dentists may agree to make late appointments ensuring all family members get the right treatment.

Preventive Measures

The family doctor will always inspect your mouth during routine checkups; thus, it is easy for them to find early dental issues and symptoms. They will then offer the right preventive care to avoid the progression of the oral health symptoms; they will also educate the young children on proper flossing and brushing techniques and teach the older family members proper techniques to prevent dental decay. The dentist may add protection against sealant and fluoride to keep the teeth healthy. Sometimes your dentist might diagnose other health concerns such as diabetes through the symptoms presented by your oral health.

Comprehensive Oral Health Care

Sometimes proper oral health alone does not result in better oral health outcomes, and you would need comprehensive oral care. Your family will get professional teeth cleaning to reduce plaque buildup, leading to gingivitis and teeth fall. The dentist may offer customized dental products which meet your needs. Furthermore, if they perform a physical examination, use X-ray and computer modeling to diagnose dental health problems. The dentist will treat jaw abnormalities, sleep apnea, and other complicated health conditions. They would refer other healthcare professionals who specialize in treating severe issues beyond their knowledge.

They Offer Customized Treatment for Your Health Issues

A dedicated oral care doctor will offer treatments for overcrowding, misalignment, and crooked teeth. The family dentist will discuss the available treatments and develop the right treatment which fits the patient’s needs.

A family dentist will see the whole family, specializing in treating different conditions; they can handle the entire family. They will offer comprehensive oral care using customized methods that meet the patient’s needs. The preventive measure will ensure you don’t develop serious oral issues and health complications. They will teach the young children better brushing and flossing techniques and teach the adults proper ways to prevent teeth decay. Good luck finding a dentist who meets your needs.