Weight loss within a lesser span of time, like a couple of weeks can sound miraculous. However, there is a practical diet that makes this kind of weight loss within a short span of time possible. This weight loss program is carried in four phases.

This is a unique fat burning program where food that burns fat is consumed more rather than sticking to a traditional diet. Once the pace of weight loss is set through the diet and regime recommended in this program, it becomes easier to lose inches.

You don’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. These super foods that burn fat have very high nutritional content. So, there is absolutely no worry about losing important nutrients along with weight.

List of super foods that help in slimming down

  • Whole eggs have high protein content and are a good choice for breakfast
  • Most of the leafy green vegetables are low on calories and make an ideal choice
  • Veggies and fruits in diet can make you shed pounds easily
  • Salmon and most of the sea foods have omega3fatty acids that burn fat and give energy
  • Cruciferous vegetables are high in protein and fiber and promote weight loss
  • For meat eaters lean beef and chicken breast are recommended
  • Apart from these nuts, avocados, beans, legumes, and apple cider vinegar burn fat
  • Chia seeds too have a good reputation of burning fat easily
  • Cooking in coconut oil helps burn fat super fast

Phases of this diet

The 3 week diet program can include these super foods and help you shed cellulite faster. In the first phase of this program the entire body is set to cleanse and detox itself so maximum nutrient and vitamins are absorbed into the body when new diet is consumed. In the second phase, which is the next day the first phase ends, fasting for an entire 24 hours is recommended.

For people, who cannot fast need to repeat the diet plan of the first phase? It is recommended as an alternative option and the meal taken on the eighth day must have lesser content in the diet. The third phase is unconventional.

 In this phase, 80% of fat intake is suggested and is known as the fat phase. In the last phase a combination of meal plans is suggested. Those who are serious about losing weight this quick must train their minds to accommodate to this kind of a diet plan. Of course, you will require self motivation and will power to overcome temptations and stick to this plan. Exercises that are listed in this program are a must to be followed.


Those who are conscious of losing weight can follow this program and get back in shape. Staying healthy during every phase of this program makes this super fast fat burning program even more effective. This program has all that it needs to shed kilos within weeks.