Winning Smile

Besides the myriad health benefits that come with proper oral care, there is one aspect more important in our teeth than most other parts of our body. Confidence. Most of us care a lot about how freely we can smile and being unconfident in our teeth can be one thing that prevents that. Being unable to smile freely leads to a more unconfident life, a sense of feeling ‘smaller’ as a person. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right practices and a willingness to work at it, we can win back our smiles and our confidence.

Winning Smile

Pic via Pixabay

Fighting discolouration

Our teeth undergo a lot of discolouration over time. Sometimes it’s because of brushing and eating habits, but not always. Smoking and drinking coffee or tea can also stain our teeth. Getting a teeth whitening at the dentist or using the right toothbrush can reverse these effects. You can just as easily cut back on those costs and efforts however. The health problems with smoking in particular are numerous and serious, so this is just another reason to ditch the cigs.


One of the problems you won’t be able to fight by simply changing to a different kind of toothpaste. Most anxiety or poor confidence about our teeth comes not from how we treat them but how we don’t. The only way we can realign our smile to fit our desires is by visiting an orthodontist. It might require braces and some years of waiting, that’s why most prefer to start their kids’ orthodontics journey early.

Sugar free gum

Besides brushing and flossing, there’s another way you can work through the day to improve your smile. Chewing gum for dental benefit might sound like a pie in the sky idea, but the fact is that some gums really do help rather than hinder. Sugar free gums containing xylitol in particular ca006E reduce the bacteria that causes decay. In general, gum increase saliva flow which neutralises harmful acids in the mouth. If you have any tooth base or jaw problems, you may need to consult your dentist, but sugar free gum can be a great help in oral health.

Reversing tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most major part we consider when it comes to oral health. Letting it carry on for too long can result a lot of damage and pain. Eventually, it will lead to tooth loss. However, so long as it hasn’t penetrated the deepest layer of your teeth, it is possible to reverse tooth decay. Using specialist toothpastes and flossing are the keys to doing just htat.

Fighting bad breath

Bad breath is something most of us have to deal with every now and then. However, if you find yourself carrying a long-term bad case of halitosis, it’s time to take action. Scraping your tongue each morning with a tongue scraper can eliminate one of the sources, the bad bacteria resting there. Drink plenty of water and use mouthwash on top of your brushing and flossing.