Nursing Career

Nurses across the country are finding out that even in fields where skills are more important than credentials, education can still make a big difference. Nursing is most certainly a field where a person’s ability to care for patients almost instantly becomes more important than where that person went to school. It is like most industries, though, and the people with better education will rise to the top in these kinds of settings. That’s why more are going to RN to MSN programs like the one at the University of Arizona. In programs like this, students get the education that allows them to rise up the ranks.

Rising up the nursing hierarchy

The world of nursing has a very distinct hierarchy. Nurses have supervisors, and there are different parts of a hospital where nurses would rather work. In addition, nurses get better shifts when they have better standing. Much of the hierarchy is based upon experience and time at a certain facility. Some of it, though, is based on how much education a person has. In order to climb the nursing hierarchy, some nurses are going back to school. New programs have been designed to help them do that in an efficient manner.

A high-end career filled with people who lack undergraduate degrees

Very rarely will one find a career field with many skilled professionals who lack a bachelor’s degree. Lots of nurses simply get a two-year degree that allows them to go to work right away. This works well for them, but it has produced a market where lots of the professionals in nursing lack the credentials necessary to make the climb up the corporate structure. Luckily for these individuals, there is a new way around this problem. These students now have the ability to get all of their necessary nursing degrees in one place.

Working online to preserve a career

Students can enroll in online programs that allow them to do their undergraduate nursing work and graduate work in a short amount of time. It’s called a bridge program, and it doesn’t make students go through the drawn-out process associated with most bachelor’s degrees. Working online in this way can help a person preserve their career while moving ahead. Most would not put their nursing on hold to get another degree, and schools are coming to understand this. They’ve adjusted appropriately, and the resulting online programs are a testament to that.

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