Mustard Oil

Oil is the most important ingredient of Kitchen. Especially when it comes to the Indian Kitchen, the importance of the oil increases as the Indians love the oily food. The Indian food is labeled as the most oily and spicy food around the corner and has made a reputation for itself in the world.  With time, the edible oils in the Indian Kitchen have swiftly changed.

The commonly used mustard oil is replaced by the refined natural oils that generate lesser amount of fats when compared to the mustard oil. But it is a well-renowned fact that refined oil can be really harmful to the liver and its excessive consumption can result in the high-cholesterol and high blood-pressure problems that are very common amongst the Indians. Although, there are some varieties of refined oil available in market that causes lower cholesterol, still the results are not that appreciable. So, the question that you may have is whether refined oil a better substitute of the mustard oil or not.

Mustard Oil

How mustard oil is better than refined oil?

Although most of you look for refined oils in your kitchen, the rich benefits of the mustard oil may let you re-think about the edible oils in the kitchen. You can also cash in on BigBasket Offers provided on these mustard oils by the big-basket shop which is renowned grocery store. Have a look at some of the revering heath benefits of mustard oil:

Healthy for Heart:

The mustard oil is very healthy and beneficial for your heart as it does not contain any cholesterol that deteriorates the conditions of your heart.

Good for Digestion:

The use of the mustard oil in your kitchen can also help you to improve upon your digestion. These days, most of you suffer form a bad digestive system because of the use of refined oils in your kitchen. Reverting back to the mustard oil can definitely help you to get a strong digestive system that can also help you to prevent other heart problems. You can also avail Askme Grocery promo codes to get a subsequent discount on shopping for your mustard oil in the Big Basket store.

Prevents Cancer:

A research has revealed that the consumption of refined oils can definitely make you prone to the cancer problem. The refined oil contains the harmful substances while on the other hand the mustard oil helps you to prevent the gastrointestinal cancer. It is a reason why the doctors also recommend the use of mustard oil over other edible oils.

Anti-Bacterial Oil:

The mustard oil helps you to fight in a better way against the bacteria and fungus with its anti-microbial action. It has Glucosinalate that helps you to prevent any kind of infections in your body making you fitter and equipped against allergies.

Improved Blood Circulation:

Another major benefit of the mustard oil is that it provides you with improved in blood circulation. The mustard oil contains rich vitamins that also help in sweating thus helping you to lower the body temperature in case of fever.