Winter is just around the corner and it comes with it’s own health and safety risks. That’s why it’s important to consider your health when it comes to snow and ice. It’s about more than just walking carefully to avoid injury, it’s also about protecting your skin and ever your fingers and toes!

Avoiding Frostbite

When you are outside and not protected, frostbite can set in quickly. That’s why it is important to to make sure that you don’t go out in the cold winter weather without the proper gear. This can include gloves or mittens, a scarf, a hat, and even some warm socks.

Frostbite isn’t just an outdoor issues. Winter comes with snow and ice caused power outages that can make it freezing cold inside your home as well. Make sure you have plenty of warm clothing and blankets in your home to keep warm no matter what winter brings.

There are many complications that can come with a case of frostbite, and they should be enough to keep you from going outside without the proper gear. Problems include infections and even the possibility of developing gangrene, which can lead to the loss of digits and limbs.

Safe And Healthy

Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

Dry skin sometimes seems unavoidable when it comes to winter weather. That’s why it is extra important to keep yours moisturized. Start by having some baby oil in your shower, which you can rub on the moment you are down bathing.

Have plenty of lotion on hand, for both your face and body. Cracked elbows and toes can be extremely painful, and avoiding them can be as easy as moisturizing as little as once a day. You may need to try a lotion or two to find out what works best for you.

Avoiding Falls

A fall can lead to a break, which can put you out of commission for much of the winter. That means lost money because of missed workdays, and it can also mean no snow angels or snowmen. There are a couple great ways to help you avoid slip and falls.

Start out by making sure you have a good pair of winter boots on hand before the snow starts to fall and the ice starts to form. If you live in an area that gets extra icy you may want to buy some detachable ice cleats for your boots as well.

Winter doesn’t have to be a bad season. Drink plenty of water, and eat your fruits and vegetables so that you keep vitamins going through your system to help avoid, or cut down on the length of, colds and flu. Dress warm, and just be safe out there!